Xe Bus Từ Kuala Lumpur Đi Malacca


From stellar cultural gems in Malacca to the thriving cityscape of Kuala Lumpur, there’s a lot khổng lồ be explored và discovered in these two Malaysian cities and there’s no better way to lớn see them all than by taking a bus from Malacca khổng lồ Kuala Lumpur. In fact, many savvy explorers have grown fond of making buses their main form of transportation when traveling domestically. Simply speaking, while airplanes may be faster when it comes to lớn covering long distances, buses offer undeniable affordability & are actually quite comfortable even on long haul rides. Taking the bus from Malacca lớn Kuala Lumpur also means avoiding the hassles that one usually runs into at the airport such as stressful and tedious lines at security, wasting hours waiting at the airport và even being able to travel to lớn more places. When you really think about, bus travel is perfect for true xanh adventurers because a bus can take you to even the smallest of towns or more remote of national parks, which, more often than not, make more meaningful trips khổng lồ some of the tourist hot spots.

Travelers have 5 companies to choose from when it comes to lớn taking a bus from Malacca khổng lồ Kuala Lumpur. These companies are Delima, Express Kesatuan, Mayang Sari, SE Super Ekspres và Transnasional. Delima has multiple standard coaches departing daily starting at 8:00 in the morning up until 7:00 in the evening. All of the buses depart from Malacca’s Melaka Sentral terminal và arrive sầu at Kuala Lumpur’s Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. Each ticket is priced at MYR10. Mayang Sari is another coach company that offers multiple trips daily by bus from Malacca khổng lồ Kuala Lumpur. Similar to lớn Delima, Mayang Sari’s first trip leaves at 8:00 in the morning after which buses depart every half hour until the last trip at 9:00 in the evening.

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Mayang Sari is a great option for travelers who need more piông xã up & drop off options as trips depart from locations such as Melaka Sentral, Merlimau, and Jasin và travel to terminals such as Klang, Terminal Bersepadu Selarã, and Shah Alam Terminal. Tickets on Mayang Sari’s buses range between MYR10 to MYR20 depending on the point of departure & arrival.

While Transnasional, SE Super Ekspress & Express Kesatuan all have sầu much fewer trips that ply the route between Malacca & Kuala Lumpur, they are all equally comfortable và reliable. Travelers thinking of taking Transnasional can expect to lớn depart from Melaka Sentral và have the option to alight at Terminal Bersepadu Selachảy, Shal Alam Terminal or Klang. Price varies between MYR13 lớn MYR17 depending on the destination. Meanwhile, SE Super Ekspress has one bus from Malacca khổng lồ Kuala Lumpur for MYR20 that departs from Melaka Sentral & travels straight to lớn Klang. Express Kesatuan has two trips that go from Melaka Sentral khổng lồ Terminal Bersepadu for MYR13.40.

No matter which bus from Malacca lớn Kuala Lumpur you choose khổng lồ take, the trip takes an average of 2 hours lớn complete depending on traffic conditions & the number of pit stops the bus makes. While regular coaches are the norm for a bus ride this short, there is the option of paying a little more for coaches with luxury amenities such as reclining seats, televisions, wifi & electrical plugs. Purchasing bus tickets has also become so much more manageable as eager travelers no longer have sầu to lớn go to lớn the bus terminal personally to buy a ticket. Finding the perfect bus company that caters to lớn your needs as well as the time và date that suit your schedule the best is now just one clichồng away. All you have sầu to vày is book at yenbaitourism.com.vn and you’re well on your way to a quichồng getaway at Kuala Lumpur.