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This is the trang web of the Department of trang chủ Affairs, Australian Visa office in highlights certain important information, and includes information specific khổng lồ applying for visas to Australia, in both the và English languages.

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However, for the most comprehensive & up-to-date information và news you are encouraged to visit the Australian Government’s Department of trang chủ Affairs website. The Department of home Affairs website will also help you lớn choose a suitable visa from all the visa types và provide information about global processing times.

News from the Australian Government Department of trang chủ Affairs

Check twice, submit once

In order khổng lồ help us process your application faster, there are things you can bởi vì to make sure that when you submit your visa application it is ‘decision ready’. For further information about this, see kiểm tra twice, submit once (

Note - If any of your supporting documentation is not in English, you will need khổng lồ include a translation in English, as well as a copy of the original document. Each translated document must include (in English) the translator’s:

full name, address and telephone number; andqualifications and experience in the language they are translating.

Note - We recommend that you lodge your application early and you book your flight only after your visa has been granted. The Australian Government does not accept any responsibility or liability for financial losses related lớn the booking of flights & accommodation, which are incurred by applicants whose visa application was finalised later than expected or whose application was ultimately unsuccessful.

Travel to nước australia during peak holiday seasons

If you are planning to lớn visit australia during the festive Christmas và Tet periods, we encourage you to lớn apply as early as possible and submit complete applications, including English translations of documents not issued in English.

For further information on how lớn lodge a complete application for a visitor visa, see Applying for a visitor visa (

Please also đánh giá the Temporary Entry Visa (subclass 600) checklist below.

Citizenship ‘facilitation’ letters

The Australian Embassy and Australian Consulate-General advise that they are unable khổng lồ provide ‘facilitation letters’ or ‘certificates of nationality’ for children born in khổng lồ Australian parents or to lớn one parent of Australian nationality và one parent of another nationality.

The Embassy và Consulate-General understand that some local authorities in have sometimes requested parents to lớn produce ‘facilitation letters’ or ‘certificates of nationality’ in order to lớn obtain a birth certificate for their child.

Under Australian law, a child born outside nước australia to an Australian citizen parent is not automatically an Australian citizen. They are required lớn lodge an application for Australian Citizenship by Descent with the Australian Government and await a decision regarding citizenship.

Lifting ofCOVID-19 Border Restrictions

From 00:01 Wednesday, 6 July 2022,

Passengers travelling to nước australia will no longer be required lớn provide evidence of vaccination;Unvaccinated visa holders will not require a travel exemption;Passengers will not be required lớn complete the Digital Passenger Declaration (Air) or Maritime Travel Declaration (Sea); andPassengers departing australia will not be required lớn provide evidence of their vaccination status

From 9 September 2022, masks are no longer required on flights travelling lớn Australia.

COVID-19 visa concessions & refunds

Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic period, a range of changes were made to some visa categories, including the introduction of concession periods, fee waivers & visa refunds.

The time for applicants to lodge a new Subclass 600 (Visitor) visa application with a nil Visa Application Charge (VAC) due khổng lồ the COVID-19 concessions will be ceasing on 31 December 2022. Any pending applications that were lodged before this date will still be assessed for nil VAC eligibility.

For information on any other COVID-19-related concessions, please refer toRefunds và waivers (

Frequently Asked Questions

See our pages in English và in for more information on:

How lớn apply for a visaApplication feesProcessing timesBiometrics

Specific visa information và checklists

Visa Type and relevant informationBasic purposeChecklist
Visitor (Tourist stream) visa - Subclass 600Holiday or to lớn visit family và friendsEnglish và
Visitor (Business Visitor stream) visa - Subclass 600Short business-related visitsEnglish and
Transit - Subclass 771Passengers transiting in nước australia on their way to another countryEnglish &

Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa - Subclass 400

Short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work in AustraliaEnglish and

Temporary Work (International Relations) visa - Subclass 403

Work in specific circumstances that improve Australia's international relationsPlease refer khổng lồ our trang chủ Affairs website for more details
Temporary Activity visa - Subclass 408Specific types of work or activities on a short-term, temporary basisPlease refer lớn our home Affairs trang web for more details
Medical Treatment visa - Subclass 602

To travel lớn Australia

for medical treament, orto tư vấn someone needing medical treatment who has applied for this visa, orto be an organ donor.
English &
Student visa - Subclass 500Study full time in australia or join a family thành viên who holds a Student visa

Student: English

Student Subsequent Entrant: English

Student Guardian visa - Subclass 590Provide tư vấn and welfare in nước australia for a child who holds a Student visaEnglish
ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) citizens are not eligible for an ETA.

For information about ETA eligible passports, plesae click here
New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship - Subclass 461

The New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary) (Subclass 461) visa allows someone who is not a New Zealand citizen to lớn live in nước australia with a family thành viên who:

is a New Zealand citizen; andeither

** holds a Special Category (Subclass 444)

visa và is living in Australia, or

** is eligible to hold a Special Category

(Subclass 444) visa và is

accompanying you to lớn Australia.

This is a temporary visa valid for five years. If you are a resident in, a checklist khổng lồ help you lodge a complete application is available in English.


For a comprehensive các mục of visas, eligibility requirements and the lodgement process, see the Department of trang chủ Affairs website.

The Work và Holiday (subclass 462) visa allows:

stay in nước australia for up khổng lồ 12 months from the first date of arrivalwork in Australia, generally for up to lớn six months with each employerstudy for up to four monthsleave và re-enter nước australia any number of times while the visa is validapply for a second or third Work và Holiday visa if you have completed specific types of work in regional areas.

The program year commences on 1 July each year and ends on 30 June the following year. There is an annual visa cap of 1,500 first Work và Holiday Maker (subclass 462) visas granted lớn passport holders.

The Australian Government has recently announced a one-off cap increase for the program year 2022-23 khổng lồ the number of places available lớn Working Holiday Maker visa applicants from countries with which nước australia has a Work & Holiday (subclass 462) visa arrangement. With the 30 per cent one-off cap increase for the period 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023, this cap will now be 1,950.

Due to lớn the high volume of interest in Work và Holiday (subclass 462) visas by passport holders, the Department of trang chủ Affairs will release the annual cap of 1,950 places gradually over the program year. If you wish lớn lodge an application for a first Work & Holiday (subclass 462) visa please monitor the status of country caps page on the Department’s website. This will advise you if places are mở cửa or if they have been temporarily suspended. Please continue to kiểm tra the Department’s website to lớn see when applications mở cửa again. Once the annual cap is filled the Department’s website will be updated to ‘closed’ for, which means no further applications will be accepted until the new program year commences.

The Document checklist outlines all the steps in the visa application process for citizens.

Updated information on the status of the annual limit for citizens (whether places are still available) is on the Status page of the Department of home Affairs website. For general information on this subclass, see the Department of home Affairs website.

View the current fees & charges for a Work and Holiday visa here.

As this is a reciprocal arrangement, Australian citizens are able to apply for a Work & Holiday Visa to lớn For more information on the program và the visa application process, please directly tương tác the Embassy in nước australia or the Department of Employment (DOE), Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs of (MOLISA).More information can also be obtained from the Australian Embassy in Hanoi by completing an Immigration Enquiry Form.

Visa Type & relevant informationBasic purposeChecklist
Partner visa - Subclass 309 và 100

For a spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen khổng lồ live in Australia.

You apply for the temporary and the permanent Partner visas together.
Prospective Marriage visa - Subclass 300To marry your prospective spouse in australia and then apply for a Partner visa.English

Child visa - Subclass 101

For a child outside australia to move to australia to live with their parent(s).

If you submit your application at any other office or in any other way, it will not be a valid application & cannot be considered further. Applications for this visa cannot be submitted in person.

The forms must be completed in English.

By post (with correct prepaid postage):

Department of trang chủ Affairs

Child and Other Family Processing Centre

Locked Bag 7


By courier:

Department of trang chủ Affairs

Child và Other Family Processing Centre

Wellington Central

836 Wellington Street


Adoption visa - Subclass 102

For a child adopted outside nước australia to live in nước australia with their adoptive parent(s).

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Important: If you are considering adopting a child in, the Australian Government does not issue 'Letters of No Objection', 'Letters of Support', or 'To Whom it May Concern Letters' in relation lớn private adoptions by expatriate Australians. The Department's involvement in expatriate adoptions is limited to determining whether or not the child meets immigration requirements in order lớn enter & remain in Australia.
Orphan Relative visa - Subclass 117For a child who does not have a spouse or de facto partner to come to australia to live with their relative(s) if their parents are deceased, unable to lớn care for them, or can't be found.
Dependent Child visa - Subclass 445For a child to lớn stay in nước australia temporarily while their parent's permanent Partner visa application is being processed.

A Resident Return (subclasses 155 & 157) visa is for current or former Australian permanent residents & former Australian citizens who want to enter or return to nước australia as permanent residents.

Only Australian citizens have an automatic right of entry to lớn Australia. All non-citizens need a visa that allows them to lớn enter & remain in Australia.

For general information on these subclasses, see Resident Return visa on the department’s website. To lớn gather your documents, see Step by step process.

For information on permanent residence including overseas travel & proof of permanent residency, see Permanent resident.

Applications for Australian citizenship by descent for applicants residing in

For Australian citizenship by descent:

· you must have been born outside Australia, and

· at least one of your parents must have been an Australian citizen when you were born.

Information is available on other pathways khổng lồ Australian Citizenship.

Most applicantswho are resident in will need lớn attend in person to lớn provide their fingerprints & a digital facial photograph (unless visiting as an official government representative). For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions page in English & The collection of biometrics is conducted by appointment only at the Australian Visa Application Centre (managed by VFS Global) in Hanoi, Ho chi Minh City and Danang. Please take your original passport with you. This process can be done directly after you lodge your application. Make an appointment with the Australian Visa Application Centre online.

For Information on Health clinics in

Select “” from the thực đơn at the bottom of the page.In the ”Panel physician” menu, click on the “Details” linkContact one of the clinics to lớn make an appointment.

Visa Scams

The Australian Embassy & Consulate-General in have become aware of several visa scams operating in Please be cautious of any person offering 'guaranteed' Australian visas.

These scammers may contact you by post, email, phone or face-to-face offering a visa in return for payments, personal details and identity documents. They may claim to lớn know someone in the Australian Embassy or Consulate General in, or claim to be a ‘registered agent' or ‘Australian visa application service’.

Scammers may try khổng lồ trick you into believing they are genuine by posing as staff from an Australian Government department, or by using websites which look like official Government sites. Illegal operators often give incorrect advice, steal your money, encourage you khổng lồ lie on your application & do not deliver the services promised.

Warning Signs

You get an unsolicited or unexpected offer for a ‘guaranteed’ Australian visa.The offer comes via email, post, over the phone, on a trang web or even face-to-face.It claims to lớn be a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’, or your ‘only’ chance khổng lồ travel or migrate to lớn Australia.You are asked lớn pay the scammer upfront khổng lồ ‘register’ your interest in getting a visa. The scammer asks you to lớn pay them directly rather thanpaying the government department & claims that only they can pay thedepartment’s fees.The scammer claims lớn have a special relationship with the Department ofHome Affairs.They tell you they need to lớn keep your original documents.


If you receive an email from the Australian Embassy or Consulate General in the thư điện tử address must end in "".
Home Affairscharges a one-off fee at the time you lodge your visa application. You can pay the fee directly to the department or to lớn our Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in, operated by VFS Global. You bởi not require an agent to lớn pay this fee on your behalf.No one can influence the outcome of a visa application or the visa decision making process. Only authorised officers from home Affairscan issue you with a visa & only if you meet all the visa requirements.Home Affairsdoes not have any special relationships with outside agencies và does not give preferential treatment to anyone.

Protect Yourself

Be suspicious if you are contacted by phone, post, e-mail or approached in person about a visa you did not apply for. Walk away from the person, hang up the phone immediately or ignore the email/letter! The Government does not contact people lớn offer them visas.Never give or send anyone your original identity documents. Government departments may wish to lớn view your original documents in person or may ask for certified photocopies but should never ask lớn keep your original documents.Never provide your personal, credit card or banking details in an email or over the phone—scammers will use your details lớn commit identity fraud or steal your money.If you think you have provided your bank account details to a scammer, contact your ngân hàng or financial institution immediately.


People with information about migration scams or illegal operators should tương tác Home Affairs.


Please refer to the home Affairs website for more information.

Contact us

To respond to lớn request or submit an enquiry, use the web-based Australian Immigration Enquiry form.

You can also hotline the trang chủ Affairs Global Service Centrenumber on +61 2 6196 0196, mở cửa Monday khổng lồ Friday 9am khổng lồ 5pm (local time).

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All correspondence (including visa decisions) will be sent khổng lồ you from a "nil-reply" email address. Vày not reply khổng lồ these emails.