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I"m writing from the most beautiful & incredible place in the world that I have ever seen during my 15-year career as a travel writer in morethan 70 countries. I"m writing lớn you from Ha Long bay in Vietnam.There is a saying that if you have not visited Ha Long bay you have not yet been to Vietnam. I say that if you have not visited Ha Long cất cánh youhave not yet seen the most beautiful place in the world.180 km from Hanoi City, towards the northeast, it takes around 4 hours by bus due to lớn the speed limit, và then you will arrive to lớn Ha Long Cityand the wonderful Ha Long Bay.1969 limestone islands of various shapes, sizes, và in different green and amazing colors rise above the sea màn chơi in an area of more than 1,500square kilometers that creates this World Heritage site. Ha Long cất cánh still retains its historical & culture values.The guide told me that Ha Long cất cánh has been twice recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1994 và 2000, and also that Ha LongBay is in second place in the worldwide competition of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders. I told him that before all, God has given theVietnamese people this wonder for their kindness.Ha Long bay is as attractive & beautiful throughout the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, & winter. Traveling on small sailboats amonghundreds of limestone islands, one may visit the amazing Surprise Cave, the floating fishing village, and see how the locals live are đứng top of the listof things to vì chưng here.

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On Titop Island, one may swim and relax on the beach or enjoy a kayaking program lớn the nearby Luon Cave và muchmore.And what about the important question of where to lớn sleep? Syrena Cruises and other cruises are offering wonderful programs. A luxury cruisefrom the harbor and across Ha Long Bay, has 34 luxury cabins and suites each with a balcony, as well as restaurants và a meeting room on the3rd deck. Travelers may experience Asian or Western cuisine, precisely sea food, and also have a session with a massage therapist, unwind in thesauna, take a sunbath & relax on the expansive deck, experience squid fishing, movie night, & a cooking demonstration.Other attractions during your stay in Ha Long, beside exploring Ha Long bay itself, if to visit the Royal Park in Halong City, Water Music, a circusperformance by dolphins, sea lions, crocodiles, và much more.The experience of visiting Ha Long cất cánh is unforgettable, where you will see something that will stay in your mind và eyes for years. You willenjoy meeting Vietnamese people và tasting their delicious food, you will have fresh air all day and night, especially if you wake up early in themorning & watch the sun rise on the deck coming slowly through the islands.Be sure not to miss visiting Ha Long bay in your lifetime. Just try khổng lồ watch images và videos of this stunning và marvelous place and imaginebeing there experiencing the beauty and kindness of Vietnamese people. You will be booking your trip in no time.