What To Do At Phu Quoc Island Travel Guide


Phu Quoc, located in Southern Vietnam, is a famous island for breathtaking landscapes và untouched beauty. As a favorite destination in Vietnam, it caters for all budgets & travel goals. Coming here, you will surely be amazed by its wide range of activities và worth-visiting attractions. If you are planning your trip khổng lồ this wonderful island, don’t miss our following danh sách of the vị trí cao nhất things to vày in Phu Quoc.

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I. 6 Most Popular Things To vì in Phu Quoc

1. Phu Quoc National Park


Phu Quoc National Park covers more than a half of Phu Quoc’s northern area. It is well known as an unmissable place on the island for nature lovers. Spanning 340.000 square meters, the national park is home to various kinds of wildlife, including unique flora and fauna, evergreen forest, và lush mountain ranges.

It offers visitors plenty of things lớn do lượt thích hiking, camping, photography, và bird watching. For those who are deeply interested in nature, you may spot some rare species here lượt thích silver langurs, otters, slow lories, long-tailed macaques, & hornbills. On the other hand, if you are a more adventurous person, let’s try to test your endurance by a four-hour trek through the dense forest.

2. Sao Beach


Sao beach (Bãi Sao) is one of the most beautiful tropical sandy beaches in Phu Quoc island. Nestled on the coast of An Thoi town, it is 25 km from the center. With smooth sandy shore & clean và clear sea water, it is one of the most visited beaches. The beach looks impressive with the unspoiled beauty of gorgeous landscapes & the beach. Stretching fine sand over 7 km, Sao Beach, or so-called Bai Sao, is considered owning the cleanest and whitest sand on Phu Quoc island.

Its main highlight is a huge number of starfishes moving into the shores every night. Maybe that is the reason why it got the name Sao Beach (Sao means “starfish”). On the beach, you can get wonderful moments lượt thích wandering around the beach with your friends, looking for some sea animals on the shore like snails, crabs, & starfishes, or following the small trials to the tropical jungle to see huge trees & listen to beautiful voices of different wild birds.

3. Khem Beach


Khem beach (or Bai Khem in Vietnamese) is nestled in the southern beach on Phu Quoc island. Khem Beach boasts its peaceful beaches, smooth trắng sand stretches, & calm waters. Its beauty attracts a large number of tourists to lớn the island, especially in summer.

As a private beach, it is most suitable for friend trips & relaxing family. Despite not being spacious, it still seduces anyone’s heart with alluring landscapes. Towards the southern kết thúc of Khem Beach, you can find the Fairy Well. Though it is close khổng lồ the sea, the well still provides fresh water at any time of the day. Besides, the beach also attracts visitors to see the local people’s pearl cages. If you are a jewelry addict, don’t miss this place.

4. Hon Thom Island


Hon Thom island is the biggest island in Phu Quoc. It brings a hidden charm that most visitors wish khổng lồ be back here again. With no electricity grid & consistent telephone connection, the island is truly a getaway from hustle and bustle city. The pure and wild nature of Hon Thom helps you forget all the convenience. On the island, there are many small beaches where you can lie on the sand under the coconut trees, swim or dive in the cool & fresh water.

If you want to spend your whole day here, you will have a chance khổng lồ experience night fishing and try attractive cuisine. A day in Hon Thom island is lượt thích experiencing Robinson’s life on an uninhabited island. You can explore the big và small islands as well as the simple và rustic life of the islanders. If you are lucky, the fishermen will teach you how to catch sea urchin, prepare & bake them for fascinating dishes. Especially, you can try many different games on Hon Thom island lượt thích paragliding, skateboarding, & snorkeling.

5. Long Beach


Long Beach stretches 20 kilometers of coastal area in Phu Quoc which is crowded with beachfront resorts & restaurants, cafes & bars. Compared lớn other islands, the beach remains quite pristine with plenty of soft sands & green palm trees. The beach is divided into 2 areas: the northern and the southern one.

To explore the island, you can easily navigate on foot. But, it is advisable to lớn rent a bicycle or a motorbike lớn explore more of the beach lượt thích pearl farms & traditional fishing villages. The best time lớn enjoy this beach may be the sunset. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular view from many restaurants and cafes. In addition, you also can try swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling, and immersing in the fresh sea water of Long Beach.

II. 6 chất lượng Things to vì chưng in Phu Quoc

1. Flavorful Pepper Farm


Visiting Phu Quoc, you will have a chance lớn enjoy many different delicious dishes. Và if you are a food lover, you will realize that the local pepper in these dishes has a different taste lớn other types because of its spicy flavor and unique aroma. Black pepper is considered a specialty in Phu Quoc. Each year, there are up lớn 1000 tons produced in this area. Khổng lồ get a better understanding about this kind of pepper, it is highly recommended to visit Phu Quoc pepper farm.

Most of the farms are in quiet, remote, và peaceful areas lượt thích in the northern parts or around the central of the island. There are some organized tours khổng lồ these farms. Coming here, you will have a chance khổng lồ take some nice photos, talk khổng lồ the farmers and listen to lớn the way they grow, harvest the pepper as well as the drying process. You can visit the farms all year round, but it is advisable khổng lồ visit during the harvesting season which lasts from February to July. At this time, you can try khổng lồ collect different kinds of peppers on your own.

2. Join A Cooking Class


Visitors may feel surprised when knowing that some cooking classes are held right on the island. Particularly, local people often hold these classes in organic farms. In these farms, they produce natural and healthy products without using synthesized fertilizers and chemicals.

Join these classes, it is more than just cooking. You have a chance to go lớn the local wet market to shop for the ingredients from very early in the morning. After that, you can learn to lớn cook typical dishes that are considered the essence of Vietnamese cuisine including sizzling pancake, spring rolls, and caramelized pork with fish sauce, etc. For more fun, you can ask tour operators to add a visit to lớn a beer factory or a quick tour khổng lồ the pepper farm. The normal price is US$ 35 for one person.

3. Dinh Cau Temple


Dinh Cau Temple, also known as Cau Temple, is part lighthouse và part shrine. Built in the 17th century, it has a majestic rock edge that overlooks the sea. From here, you can enjoy spectacular views, listen khổng lồ the sound of the waves, & also contemplate many large rocks in different shapes. The temple was constructed to worship the God of the Sea và pray to lớn him to lớn protect the fisherman from the danger in the sea.

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It doesn’t only impress tourists by some mysterious legends but also its quality beauty. The interior space is truly a masterpiece of intricate & sophisticated architecture. Facing the immense sea, the left of the temple has a white sandy beach while its right side is a harbor of so many colorful boats.

On some special occasions and Lunar New Year, you can witness a lot of local people and fishermen gather here to lớn burn incense and pray. If you don’t plan your trips on these occasions, we suggest visiting the temple after sunset when the view becomes more fascinating than ever.

4. Phu Quoc Prison


Phu Quoc Prison is the place where you can get little knowledge of Vietnam’s turbulent past. During the Vietnam War, thousands of Vietnamese people were imprisoned và tortured here. Nowadays, it becomes a war museum where houses authentic instruments for torture, exhibits of brutal punishments, and photographs of former detainees. Besides, it also owns a retail outlet where local snacks, chất lượng handicrafts, and books writing about the Vietnam War are sold.

If you are really interested in history, don’t forget to see tiger cages where prisoners were kept và subjected to lớn severe weather conditions in a long time, resulting in blindness & pneumonia. Don’t need lớn pay an entrance fee, you can freely visit the prison và get yourself some things about the famous Vietnam War.

5. đắm đuối Ninh Fishing Village


Ham Ninh fishing village is an ideal place for foreigners who wish khổng lồ experience something quality in Phu Quoc. The village gives you a chance khổng lồ know the daily life of hard-working local fishermen and enjoy regional dishes at a reasonable price. In the oldest villages on the island, most people make their living by diving for sea cucumbers và pearls, và fishing. Recently, as tourism gets developed, they also sell food delicacies và handmade souvenirs for better living. Driving 30 minutes from Duong Dong Town, you can enjoy tasty dishes like cucumber soup, boiled flower crab, & tram mushroom. Or if you wish khổng lồ have a more relaxing experience, you can take a walk around the village, meet the friendly & hospitable villagers & listen to their stories.

6. Phu Quoc Fish Sauce Factory


Among the Phu Quoc specialties, its fish sauce is quite famous & popular. As one of the typical natural products on the island, it is also exported to other countries in the world and also makes a great contribution to lớn the economy of the region.

In Vietnamese cuisine, fish sauce plays an important role in adding more flavor. Now, there are several fish sauce factories on the island that are open for visitors. So, if you have the chance, don’t forget to visit one of them for a more interesting experience. These factories are mainly located in An Thoi town và Duong Dong town, which is not too far to lớn reach. Arriving here, you will know the process of making fish sauce, take a look at large storage containers lớn plastic bottles of fish sauces. If you enjoy the taste, you can buy some at the factory for unique products.

III. 4 Fun Things To vày in Phu Quoc

1. Phu Quoc Safari Park


Opened since the over of 2015, Phu Quoc Safari Park is the place khổng lồ go for those who are looking for fun things to vị in Phu Quoc. It has 2 separate areas called Open Zoo & Wildlife Park.

The park is one of the most impressive safari versions in Vietnam with almost 3.000 individuals, 1.200 fauna species và 150 rare animal species from all over the world. You will have a chance khổng lồ witness some animals like Asian Elephants, Freshwater Crocodile, Bengal Tigers, & Green Iguana, etc.

To go into the deep forest, you will travel on specialized transports. Here, you can see endangered và rare species và experience the feeling of being in the cage and surrounded by roaming animals. Scared but fun, isn’t it? In addition, there are daily interesting activities in the safari park like feeding animals, enjoying animal performances, và photographing nature.

2. Diving & Snorkeling at An Thoi Islands


Though the best time to lớn try diving và snorkeling in Phu Quoc is from November to April, you can explore marine life at any time when the sea is calm và the sun is out. Several spots in Phu Quoc island are suitable for these activities.

However, it is highly recommended lớn try them at An Thoi Islands. Standing out from other islands, it boasts a wide range of diving areas with a diverse underwater life lượt thích plenty of seagrass & sloping coral reefs. Most diving spots here are under 12 meters. There are many agencies providing diving và snorkeling as a part of their tour package. But if you want khổng lồ experience the best of Phu Quoc marine life, we highly recommend spending at least one day và choosing the đứng top diving operators.

3. Phu Quoc Pearl Farm


If you don’t know what lớn buy for your friends, think about high unique items like Phu Quoc pearls. In Phu Quoc Pearl Farms, you will find remarkable pearls và know some information about pearl farming history on the island. The island has a large area of more than 6.000 square meters in land & 4 marine square meters for farming pearls.

To get the pearls, it must go through a complicated process, from implanting oysters, harvesting, cleaning, & cutting them lớn retrieve pearls. After that, these pearls will be bored, strung or placed on ornaments for decoration. Different products like necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, etc, can be made from pearls.

There are 2 main pearl farms in Phu Quoc: Quoc An pearl farm & Ngoc Hien pearl farm. You can visit them lớn see the diversity of products and see how they were made.

4. Duong Dong Market


Though Phu Quoc houses 6 different markets, Duong Dong market is the largest one in this island. Located in the center of Duong Dong town & on the ngân hàng of a river, it is trang chủ to many trading activities. This is the most crowded market where you can experience daily life of local people and buy something for yourself. Goods here are quite diverse & abundant.

Apart from vegetables and trang chủ appliances, fresh seafood is sold a lot in the market like squid, crab, mackerel, eel, shrimps, etc. As they are newly caught so they are still fresh. There are also dried seafood if you wish to bring home. Besides, it is also quite fun khổng lồ try bargaining a sản phẩm with local people. It’s what local people often bởi to get a better price. If you visit the market in the early morning, you can try delicious dishes of Phu Quoc cuisine lượt thích echinus porridge, rice cake, and grilled fish or grilled crabs.

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So, just looking at the above list, there are plenty of things to vị in Phu Quoc. You may have no dull moments in this wonderful island. We really hope that you find it useful for planning your trip! If you have any other interesting things khổng lồ do, don’t forget to tóm tắt them with us.