The Top Things To See And Do In Sapa, Vietnam


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We deeply appreciated the personal attention & the excellent photo memories Tony sent us of the trip. Not the cheapest tour available but you get what you pay for, and the extra cost was not great compared to lớn some of our other expenses. Pay close attention when contacting Tony there are several companies operating with the same name (not unusual for Hanoi)

We were three very loud, boisterous Americans, who were traveling with a twelve year old lớn Vietnam. We required something that encompassed the local, rugged flavors of Northern Vietnam, while having the safety and knowledge of a guide who could help us. From our very first tương tác with Tony, we found him khổng lồ be a total professional. He was able khổng lồ manage the itinerary which we presented him. His willingness khổng lồ roll with the punches was both surprising và remarkable. Often impulsive, we would often change our minds và Tony would coolly nod and khuyễn mãi giảm giá with any eventuality.We wanted khổng lồ experience the inner Vietnam & he was terrific at arranging each experience for us. We were able to lớn stay in a fishing village in mèo Be Island and he roughed it with us.Once in Hanoi, Tony introduces us lớn his family & his wife Nhung Rose. A phenomenal cook, she would take us to the local market each night and prepare beautiful trang chủ cooked meals that were a highlight of the trip.In summary, if you are looking for a truly professional guide, with an even temper & a conscientious approach lớn the job, then Tony is your guy. 5 stars!!!!!!

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11 of us were join private tour in Hanoi for 7 days with our guide Tony & driver, San.We have a wonderful 7 days with them lớn Hanoi, Halong & Ninh Binh.Tony was an experience guide và he treat all his guest as his family member.He fulfill every request from us lớn bring us khổng lồ wet market, flower farm, original egg coffee & Hanoi old quarter food tour.The restaurant that he brought us lớn were very clean và provided good chất lượng food, the khách sạn and trang chủ stay that he arrange were satisfy by all of us include our small children.Overall we are no regret to lớn have Tony as our tour guide. We will definitely look for him in future if we visit Hanoi again.
Tony is so personable & dependable. Based on TripAdvisor đánh giá I contacted Tony prior to our trip to Hanoi. He responded immediately and continued to communicate promptly throughout. I had contacted him to lớn arrange a visit khổng lồ the Perfume Pagoda. He recommeded that we not go there because it would coincide with the Tet holiday during which the temple complex is overrun with local tourists. Other tour companies never mentioned this. Instead, Tony recommended a trip lớn the "inland Halong Bay". We took him up on it. It was a great decision. We had a wonderful time. He had everything arranged, was prompt và attentive throughout. In particular, following the sampan ride through the "caves", we had an authentic lunch in a lovely courtyard. Highly recommend him.

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