The 15 Best Things To Do In Siem Reap


Siem Reap is the closest town lớn Angkor Wat, which is the most popular tourist destination in all of Cambodia. Most people really only visit Siem Reap to lớn see the nearby temples of Angkor Wat, but you’ll be surprised lớn learn that it’s actually a pretty lively little city!

With 2.6 million tourists annually, Siem Reap is one of the biggest tourism hubs in Southeast Asia. You’ll find luxurious hotels, world-class dining, endless shopping, a bustling pedestrian mall, và lots of fun things to bởi in Siem Reap.

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While many people stop in Siem Reap for just long enough to see Angkor Wat, we think it’s worth spending a few extra days here. Most visitors also find that it’s easy lớn feel a little “templed-out” after a couple of days in the Angkor Archeological Park.

Taking a day off lớn relax in Siem Reap can give you the second wind you need lớn finish exploring Angkor Wat. We have compiled our menu of the best things to vì in Siem Reap to help you make the most of your trip lớn Cambodia. Enjoy!

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Siem Reap Travel Basics

Khmer is the official language of Cambodia và nearly 90% of the people in the country can speak it. Most people in Cambodia also speak English so don’t worry about communicating here.Learn a few Khmer phrases lớn get around! “Hello” is “Sous-dey”, “Thank you” is “Or-kun” (sounds lượt thích “air con”), & “Where is the toilet?” is “Bantubdakknoewaynah?”Tipping should be minimal if at all here. Và several restaurants that we recommend add a 5% service charge to lớn your bill so be sure to kiểm tra before leaving more.
Money in Cambodia

While the official currency of Cambodia is the Cambodian Riel (KHR), most Cambodians use US Dollars. In fact, almost every ATM in the country will offer you the option of withdrawing either US Dollars or Cambodian Riels.

We recommend withdrawing Dollars as there is no advantage lớn using Riels and you just have lớn exchange any extra when you leave the country.

The Cambodian Riel is unofficially pegged at 4,000 KHR to lớn 1 USD. So while the official exchange rate may vary slightly you can expect most businesses khổng lồ use Riels và Dollars interchangeably at the rate of 4000 khổng lồ 1.

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Riels are primarily used to lớn provide change if something costs less than $1. If you buy something for $0.50, you’ll receive 2,000 Riels as your change.


There are several floating villages near Siem Reap. These villages are popular lớn visit so you can see the local people going about their daily lives. They live in floating houses on the edge of Tonle Sap Lake and travel by boat to get wherever they need lớn go.

Our favorite of the villages is Kampong Phluk floating village. Even though it is referred lớn as a floating village, it is technically more of a stilt village. The houses have been built on tall stilts khổng lồ keep homes from flooding in the wet season.

If you visit during the wet season the houses will appear lớn be floating on the water. But during the dry season, you can actually get out of your boat and walk among the houses on dry land where they will tower 20 feet overhead. It’s a totally unique experience and one of the best things to bởi vì in Siem Reap after Angkor Wat.

Over the years, the floating villages of Tonle Sap have become increasingly touristy. It probably won’t feel as authentic as you want it to, but tourism does a lot khổng lồ help support these villages. It’s interesting to see how people adapt khổng lồ the changing seasons here.

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If you want khổng lồ see the villages without feeling invasive or pressured khổng lồ buy their souvenirs, you can take a sunset cruise on Tonle Sap Lake. You’ll get khổng lồ enjoy the views of the villages but in a more relaxed environment.