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Coming to Sapage authority, you not only experience the fresh air, peaceful life but also experience a lot of great things here. The top 30 best things to bởi in Sapa below will definitely help you have a perfect trip.

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Sapa is one of the extremely famous places in Northern Vietphái nam. Tourists often come to lớn Sapage authority in the fall & winter khổng lồ relax & have more fun. In the past, Sapa had not been paid much attention by many tourist units, so it still has a wild beauty & there are few amusement parks as well as beautiful scenes to lớn visit. However, in recent, from 2 to 3 years, Sapa has been loved & appreciated by many tourists. Aao ước the famous tourist attraction in Northern Vietnam, undeniably Sapa is a great choice for travel. Coming lớn Sapa, you not only experience the fresh air, peaceful life but also experience a lot of great things here. The top 30 best things to lớn vì in Sapa below will definitely help you have a perfect trip.

1. Admire rice terraces

Rice terraces in Sapage authority are among the best things to see here, it is the main reason why a lot of tourists come khổng lồ Sapa. The terraced rice fields in Sapage authority were voted as one of the seven most beautiful & impressive sầu ones of Asia and the world by Travel and Leisure magazine in the United States. Rice terraces in Sapa are slopes in hilly or mountainous areas, one after another, from the foot to nearly top of the mountains. The terraced rice fields look like a picture & the color changes seasonally. It looks lượt thích a mirror in April & May when local people water the fields. The color changes inlớn green in June and July when the paddy rice fully grows. In September & October, all the rice is ripe, the terraced fields have sầu a golden color.

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Admiring rice terraces in Sapa

2. Visit hill tribe villages

Maybe you bởi not know? There are many hill tribe villages in Sapa that you can come khổng lồ visit, such as Ta Van village, Cat Cat village, Ta Phin village, Lao Cnhì village, Sin Cnhì village, Y Linc Ho village, Ho village... Each village has a chất lượng life with varied cultures. These villages are located in different areas of Sapa & possess wild and chất lượng beauty. Coming here, you can also see ethnic girls/boys locals working in some villages, the beautiful scenery in each village. The people also in these hill tribe villages play a very important role in the culture and specialties of Sapage authority, making Sapage authority more and more popular và visited by tourists. Coming lớn visit Sapa"s villages, staying overnight at their homestay, và experiencing the activities here as a local can be one of the most interesting things on your trip khổng lồ Sapa.


Visit hill trible village in Sapa

3. Take selfies at Sapage authority Glass Bridge

Sapa Glass Bridge is another tourist attraction in Sapage authority. The bridge is located at O Quy Ho Pass which is only about 17km from Sapa town center. The bridge is only 60m long và 5m wide but at a height of more than 2000m above sầu sea level. From the bridge, you can see the 360o panorama view of Sapa. A lot of people, especially young people, come here for taking selfies. It can be a little bit scary the first time you touch the bridge. However, when you get used to lớn it, you will find it a lot of fun. From October to December is the best time to visit this bridge if you want lớn hunt for the cloud. You will feel lượt thích diving in the cloud see on this bridge.


Take selfíe at Sapage authority Glass Bridge

4. Conquer Fansipan Mount

Conquering the roof of Indochimãng cầu is something that many tourists wish to vị when coming lớn Sapa. Fansipan Mount has a height of more than 3000m and is the highest peak in Indochimãng cầu. There are 2 paths lớn conquer Fansipan, you can hike to lớn Fansipan Peak in the traditional way or take a cable oto. If you choose the traditional way, you must prepare mentally to overcome difficulties and obstacles on the whole path because you will become a real climber. The second way to lớn conquer Fansipan Mount is to lớn take the cable car from the foot of the mountain lớn the baông chồng of the mountain. After that, you can climb Fansipan Mountain through the road with more than 1000 steps that have sầu been built safely. This road is suitable for middle-aged people as well as families with young children. Sapa"s scenery will be displayed in front of you when you st& at the top of the mountain. This is considered one of the most beautiful scenes in Vietphái mạnh.


Conquer Fansipan Mount

5. Go trekking

One of the best ways to lớn explore Sapa is trekking. It is cheap but gives you the best experience with Sapa. On the trek, you can explore nature as well as the majestic beauty of the green fields, mountains, and waterfalls. You can either trek khổng lồ Ham Rong mountain which is only about 3 km from the center of Sapa town or chooses Fansipan mount which is about 3,143m above the sea. However, the most popular trekking destinations are local villages, such as Y Linc Ho Village, Ta Van village, Sin Chai village. The distances for trekking varies from 10 khổng lồ trăng tròn km or more. Some people will stay overnight at homestay in these local villages to lớn discover the chất lượng culture of ethnic minorities here.

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Trekking in Sapa

6. Take a cycling tour

If you bởi not want khổng lồ trek, but still love lớn see the hill tribe villages, take cycling tours lớn these local villages. Lao Chai village, Sin Cnhì village, và Ta Phin village are the most visited villages by cyclists in Sapage authority. The road here is not too hard to cycle & you can enjoy fresh air, the simple tranquility of Sapa. Cycling khổng lồ these villages, tourists will pass the terraced fields, waterfalls, & majestic mountains, see the customs & cultural beauty of ethnic minorities in the mountains. It is best to lớn avoid the rainy season from September to April next year as the road can be slippery and sometimes landslide happens.

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7. Try a motorbike ride

If you are short on time for Sapa và want to lớn keep your energy for other beautiful places in Vietphái nam, try a motorxe đạp ride. If you are confident with your riding ability, you can ride a xe đạp yourself. However, the road in Sapa is not easy, you may need a driver, who has a lot of experience driving on the difficult mountain roads. Seating back on the bike, you will be relaxing, enjoy the beautiful landscape around Sapage authority. On the way, you can stop at some places for taking photos, chatting with local people, taking beautiful pictures of the minority villages. Something khổng lồ note if you drive a motorbike by yourself, carefully check the brake, horn và gasoline carefully before driving.

8. Have a cup of coffee

A lot of trekking, motorbiking, or cycling in Sapage authority may make you tired, why not stop at some of the coffee houses in Sapa và enjoy a cup of hot coffee. Coffee is a world-famous drink in Sapa, Sapage authority weather is lowest than any other parts of Vietnam giới. Drinking coffee in the cold weather in Sapa is something you should never miss. Café in the Clouds, Nature View, Sapage authority O’Chau Café are aước ao the best coffee shops in Sapage authority. Most of the coffee shops in Sapa overlook the beautiful mountains of terraced rice fields, where you may be able to lớn get the best selfies pictures.

Have sầu a cup of coffee in Sapa

9. Hunt clouds

What is the special activity which Sapage authority has, but other cities vày not have? A lot of people come to lớn Sapa for hunting clouds, which can not be done in any other thành phố in Vietphái mạnh. The feeling that you stvà on the top of the mountain, embrace clouds và heaven, enjoy ahy vọng a sea of clouds is difficult to describe, it is a magical experience. Not only seeing the sea of the clouds, admiring the clouds fall but also you can touch them, feel the clouds rolling through the hair. The best time to hunt the clouds is in spring when the weather is quite cool, the sunshine is gentle, và you can see more clouds than any other season. Fanxipan Peak, Y Ty Commune, Ham Rong Mountain are the best places for hunting clouds in Sapage authority.

Cloud hunting in Ham Rong

10. Wander around the town

Many tourists come to Sapa for trekking to lớn the hidden villages or Fansipan Mount, và they forget about Sapage authority Town, which is a mistake. There is no need to go off the beaten traông chồng, you still can see a lot of beautiful natural spots in Sapa town lượt thích Ham Rong Mountain, Silver Waterfall, Rattung Bridge, Bamboo Forest, & Ta Phin Cave sầu. Sapa has changed a lot since it was identified in 1901. The detached wooden mansions và villas along with old and new villas with red roofs bring Sapa a new look. Wandering around this town, tourists can enjoy the various families of flowers of captivating colors. When being at the local market, you can find scarce và precious specialties of Sapa Town, such as forest’s product, handicrafts, smoked meat, “thang co”, “cai meo”, san lung wine, corn wine, or fresh temperate vegetables such as cabbage, chayote, precious medical herbs, fruit trees, & so on.

Wandering Sapa town

11. Eat barbecue dishes

You may not know that Sapage authority has the most delicious barbecue dishes in Vietnam as local people use many special local marinated spices và ingredients. Sapa people grill different kinds of food, from the simplest one like potatoes, cassava, eggs, chicken wings… to lớn other more complicated dishes lượt thích the rolled beef with Meo spinach, stream fish, or “com lam” … And the best BBQ dishes you should try in Sapa are pork rolled beef rolled, grilled bamboo pipe rice, grilled mountainous corn, grilled spiced pork, grilled chicken feet & wing, grilled egg. Eating a hot barbecue dish with a local kind of drink called San Lung liquor in the cold weather of Sapage authority can become of the best moment in your trip to lớn Sapage authority. You can find a number of barbecue stalls in Cau May street, in front of the old stoned church, in the local markets, or the famous Bac waterfall.

Enjoying Barbecue food in Sapa

12. Try Sapage authority Mountain Climbing Train

Sapa Mountain Climbing Train was put in operation in March 2018. The train departs from MGallery Hotel in Sapage authority and ends at the Mount Fansipan cable oto station và the Sapa mountain climbing railway line is the longest mountain-climbing railway line in the country. It helps to lớn shorten the time from Sapa town to Mount Fansipan cable oto station. With only four to lớn six minutes on the train, you will be able khổng lồ see amusing Sapa, the Muong Hoa Valley rolling out below, all forested mountains tiered rice paddies, và blue sky buffered by a thiông xã white cloud. The train stops for a minute at some scenic points, where tourists have a chance lớn get pictures before moving on through tunnels and viaducts on their way lớn the cable car station. Trains run from 6:30 am lớn 6:30 pm daily & are capable of carrying 200 passengers, departing about every six minutes.

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Sapa Mountain Climbing Train

13. Shop at Sapage authority tribal markets

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Shopping at the local market

14. Explore the waterfalls

Not only famous for the highest mountain in Indochina - Fansipan, Sapage authority also attracts tourists by the majestic natural waterfalls. Some waterfalls that you should not miss when traveling in Sapa must mention are Silver Falls and Love Waterfall. Two waterfalls are about 12km from the center of town và we can easily get there through the road from Sapa to lớn Lai Chau. These natural waterfalls existed long ago. The water was clean and cool. Coming here, you will also be told the legendary stories about Love Waterfall - Where the emperor"s 17th fairy meets a woodcutter by local people. If you have sầu the opportunity to travel lớn Sapa, be sure lớn visit the famous waterfalls of Sapa & save sầu the best pictures!

Exploring the waterfalls in Sapa

15. Taste "Thang Co" Hot pot (Horse meat hot pot)

Thang Co hot pot is the traditional dish of the H’Mong people in the mountains of Ha Giang. In the past, indigenous people processed this dish from an entire horse and didn’t throw anything. Then, they put beef into lớn the dish making this the unique food. The way local people make the dish is very simple. They wash the meat & organs of animals clearly, marinate them with spices, then put in a pot of broth with horse bones, viscera, blood, etc. To make this dish tastier, about 12 different traditional spices of the ethnic minority people such as ginger, cardamom, tangerine peel, the letháng leaf is also added. All the ingredients are simmered for hours khổng lồ make a mouthwatering Thang Co. You can find the best dish of Thang Co in Bac Ha, Muong Khuong, Sa Pa - Lao Cai.

Thang Co Sapa

16. Check-in at Sapa Church

Sapage authority Church known as the Stone Church or the Holy Rosary Church is right in the center of Sapa town. It was built by the Frech in the early 20th century but is quite well maintained. Coming khổng lồ the church, you can see Roman gothic architecture in roofs, arches, & bell towers, or lovely stained glass windows in a modern style that depicts the life of Christ inside the church. The church is the place where many traditional cultural activities of ethnic minorities are held. This is one of the best places khổng lồ take pictures in Sapa, so vị not miss it.

17. Drop by Sapage authority Love sầu Market

Sapa love sầu market takes place on Saturday evenings. It is the place where the young people in Sapage authority find a partner to get married. Every Saturday, the young Red Dzao hill tribe comes khổng lồ Sapa to sing songs, attract other sex. The girls dress up in colorful costumes và silver ornaments, hang little bells on their outfits. They look for the guys dressing in traditional clothes of the same colors. They stand in groups, singing và khiêu vũ their traditional dances during day time. When the night comes, the girl sings the songs in the dark. Then the boy finds them & if they match, they would disappear into the forest for three days. Some of them got married after that. Interestingly, the market is not for buying or selling, it is for dating, expressing affection.

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18. Buy local handicrafts

When visiting Sapage authority, vì not forget to lớn bring trang chính some handicrafts from local people. They can be hats, traditional jewelry, necklaces, bracelets…You can easily find them everywhere in Sapage authority. Children from the age of 5, khổng lồ women with their kids, they make their own products, trek a long distance khổng lồ tourist attractions, và sell their product. It can be very cheap, only 1USD per sản phẩm, but some will ask much more than you need khổng lồ pay. Therefore, vì not forget lớn reduce the price of about 20-50%. Silver jewelry such as necklaces, silver bangles, or brocade such as scarves, bags, quilts, embroidered jackets, and woven skirts are top things to buy in Sapage authority.

Sapa handicrafts

19. Drink local wine

You may not know that the men in Sapage authority are not as industrious as women & they seem khổng lồ prefer spending most of their time drinking or sleeping. The reason is that wine in Sapa is very attractive to them. Therefore, try drinking local wine when you are here. Only once, you will not get addicted to lớn them. San Lung wine is the most popular wine in Sapa. It is made from the water stream, rice và herbs is a specialty of the Red Dao in Sapa. This kind of wine is believed khổng lồ relieve pain, prevent cold, flu, blood circulating, & helps people remove sầu the coolness, the sadness of poverty. Other delicious wines in Sapa are corn wine in Bac Ha or tao Meo in Sapa town.

trăng tròn. Join a cooking class

A lot of people skip the cooking class in Sapa, which is a regret. Joining cooking class in Sapage authority, you will be able to lớn taste the quality & well-preserved cuisine of the ethnic group of the area, learn the best dishes from local people here such as smoked buffalo with local pickled vegetable, traditional homemade tofu served, chicken with wild ginger, ash baked trout wrapped in banamãng cầu leaf, traditional H’ ao ước style blaông xã pudding, & much more. The way of cooking is simple, the seasonings are basic with garlic, ginger, lemongrass, & chile, but the dishes are tasty. Tofu is simply boiled but tastes really good. Buffalo is eaten on special occasions such as weddings or funerals or gatherings, but you can try on the cooking class. Blood sausage is something weird, but you feel it tasty if you can stvà it.

21. Get homestay experience

Staying at a homestay run by a local family in Sapa is aý muốn the best things to vì in Sapage authority for sure. This experience will bring you a refreshing change from a usual & boring khách sạn. You will be staying cthua kém lớn nature, immerse yourself fully inkhổng lồ the local culture. While staying at a homestay in Sapa, you will be able lớn help local families with the farm work, learn how khổng lồ cook their specialties, và donate some money which is a small amount of money but means a lot to them. Let"s check out the best homestays in Sapa lớn choose from.

22. Visit night markets

A lot of people may think that Sapage authority at night is peaceful, quiet, and everything is deepened into lớn their sleep. However, it is not true. Sapa is more beautiful, glamorous, and charming at night. The ethnic minorities coming from every tribe of Sapage authority to lớn the night market at the stone Catholic church khổng lồ trade, exchange goods & communicate with each other. Many things are sold in this market from souvenirs lớn, honey, rice wine, vegetables, bathroom medicine of the red Dao, candle wax, oil, cardamom. The market is also the place where you can taste the best food of Sapa, most of which are grilled or roasted. Baked or grilled meat, beef, fish, và vegetables are great specialties khổng lồ try at a night market in Sapage authority.

23. Attover an H’ ý muốn sewing class

The Hao ước group in Sapa is known for its sewing và weaving. Their weaving technique is so unique và famous, therefore, learning how khổng lồ sew & make the products in H’ao ước sewing class is highly recommended. You can head to lớn Indigo Cat where the class takes place. An experienced local H’Mong person will teach you how to sew step by step from picking the leaves, putting these leave sầu s in the barrels, taking them out, adding the lime, to the final sản phẩm. The local people speak English very well, so it is easy to lớn understvà và follow their instructions. If you are looking for a place to lớn buy sewing products, it is the igiảm giá place lớn cửa hàng. Beautiful product và a reasonable price.

H’ mong muốn sewing class in Sapa

24. Tour lớn O Quy Ho Pass

O Quy Ho Pass is something you should never miss if you love sầu taking adventures on challenging routes of Vietphái mạnh. It is among mỏi the 5 most daunting passes in Vietnam’s northwestern region, besides Ma Pi Leng in Ha Giang province, Khau Pha in Yen Bai, & Pha Din between Son La, Dien Bien province, and Ngoan Muc Pass in Ninc Thuan. The pass is 50 km long, and the top is at an altitude of nearly 2 ngàn m. It is truly a challenge for long-distance drivers, as the road can be very dangerous with risky limitless hairpin curves. However, the feeling when you stand on the top of the pass after a lot of challenges is great. On the top, you can see the sight over the horizon, the endless sky & limitless mountains, the looming green fields, và endless tracks around the mountains. Feeling like wild birds in the sky!

O Quy Ho pass

25. Savor Salmon Hot pot

You may eat salad, soup, porridge, smoked, grilled, or steamed fish eggs from saltháng, but have sầu you tried saltháng hot pot? It is one of the best dishes in Sapage authority. Salmon in Sapa is different from what it is in other countries, it is svào, not too fat. It is great when you enjoy saltháng hot pot in the cold weather of Sapage authority. This dish is often served with special wild vegetables in Sapa like watercress or pumpkin buds. Skyview Restaurant và Bar, Song Nhi Sa Pa restaurant, Thac Bac restaurant are amuốn the best restaurants to lớn enjoy the delicious saltháng hot pot in Sapage authority.

26. Have fun at local bars

Surely, when heading khổng lồ Sapage authority, the mountainous area in northern Vietnam giới, tourists will not expect too much about bars or clubs. However, there are still some for you lớn join. Local Sapage authority bars are mostly for backpackers who look for a chill-out place at night after a long trekking day or a place lớn release bít tất tay, have fun with friends. Most of the Sapage authority bar has live sầu music, a good ambiance, and a fine thực đơn of food and drinks. You can find both local or international food & drinks in these bars. Drinks like Margarita, Mai Tai, Piña coladomain authority, Vietnamese beers are delicious, but at a reasonable price. Some best bars in Sapa are The H" mong mỏi Sisters, Táu Bar, Sapa Sky View Restaurant & Bar, Bamboo Bar

Have sầu fun at local bars

27. Visit Ham Rong flower garden

Ham Rong flower garden is a mini-Sapage authority where you can see an overview of natural beauty, culture, and local people in Sapage authority. Ham Rong flower garden is the first place in your journey khổng lồ conquer Ham Rong’s peak, và you will need to go through hundreds of stone steps to get there. Along the way to the garden, you can see a multitude of different flowers of Sapage authority. It is the sprawling colors of azaleas, orchids, roses… The garden is designed according to the natural terrain of the mountain, và there are a lot of strange flower species that you have never seen before. Reaching the garden, you will be impressed by different types of flowers blooming here. Coming to the garden in spring, you can enjoy the fairy beauty of the old peach garden. This place is a perfect destination for young people và photographers khổng lồ have the most beautiful photos.

28. Relax with a foot massage

Sapa attracts tourists with a beautiful trekking trail where you can find golden rice fields, ethnic people, however, trekking in Sapage authority can hurt your foot. After a long day of trekking, there is no better place for you lớn relax than a spa làm đẹp. Foot mas sa in Sapage authority is at a very reasonable price, starting from 4USD for about 15 minutes’ massage. Foot mát xa is believed lớn have many benefits lớn your health, treating osteoarthritis pain, increasing blood circulation, removing toxins in the body toàn thân through the pores. It is also good for digestion, helps your body sleep well. Dao’s Center, Sapage authority Green Hotel – Green Spa, Eden Massage & Spa are ahy vọng the best Spage authority for a foot massage.

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29. Get a yoga treatment

Get a yoga treatment in Sapa

30. Enjoy Red Dao herbal bath

Your trip to lớn Sapage authority is incomplete without at least once time enjoying the Red Dao herbal bath. Herbal bathing is believed khổng lồ be good for your skin, bones, và joints. The herbal is stored and passed on from generation khổng lồ generation among Red Dao women in each family. They are honeysuckle, star fruit, fennel, fig leaf, camphor, royal haciendomain authority, táo Apple bar, và chảy quy. Now, you can easily find a spa center providing this kind of service. Dao’s Center Sapage authority, New Day, Huong Ly Spa are aước ao the best spas in Sapa providing Red Dao herbal bath. There is a small bathroom in these centers, with a pus wooden tub. The herbal water is poured into lớn the tub, and you can dip in the bath. An interesting to bởi vì in Sapage authority which you can not find elsewhere.

Enjoy red dao berbal bath in Sapa

Sapa is truly a great destination. Every people who have sầu ever visited Sapage authority wishes lớn return again. Sapa from time khổng lồ time will have sầu different characteristics that are worth experiencing. Therefore, don"t wait lớn pick Sapa Tours and reward yourself for the most comfortable holiday!