13 of the best things to do in hanoi at night


Arriving in colorful và vibrant Vietnam"s capital Hanoi và don"t know what to do during the night? Hanoi is a never-sleeping capital with more than 8 million people constantly wandering around. It"s very amazing how the city changes its vibe once the night falls down. Everything changes. We literally mean everything! The empty alleys become extraordinarily busy with people drinking on tiny chairs, old people get out for their nói qua of physical activity, a mixture of various spices leads you to lớn most amazing street restaurants...

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Hanoi is the place to be at night. If you"re lacking the ideas of things to vì in Hanoi at night, here"s your inspiration.

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#1- Explore Vietnamese Culture Through Delicious Food


One thing we wanted to vì in Vietnam was to lớn eat all the food, all the time. After we returned to lớn Hanoi from our Ha Long bay cruise, exploring street food delicacieswas high on our list. We decided khổng lồ go with a local guide so we could try all the finest home-cooked and hard lớn find gems in the city. It was a brilliant way khổng lồ get a feel of the thành phố as we walked around tiny colorful alleys.
I can tell you finding food in Hanoi is not hard, but finding the best is much more comfortable with a local leading the way. If you"re a foodie lover,just wandering around the city and trying the most delicious và diverse street food you can imagine...you"ll be planning your return trip before thenightis over.

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#2- Long Bien Market


Long BienNightMarketis the biggest produce market in Northern Vietnam. Trucks from as far away as southern china start pulling into the city in the wee hours, unloading fruit & fresh veggies for restaurants và market vendors to re-sell the following day. The market kicks off at around 1 am & wraps up at 5 am, making it a fun thing to bởi inHanoiatnight.

Get up early or stay up late, the choice is yours. Plan to arrive at the market at about 3 am when activity reaches its peak. It takes about 2 hours to lớn explore the market thoroughly, after which you can walk along Long Bien Bridge & catch the breathtaking sunrise popping over skyscrapers.

Long Bien is a wholesale market, so everything is displayed in excess – small mountains of pineapples, crates upon crates of mangoes & smelly durian. People rush back & forth through the market’s narrow alleys on a motorbike. As you meander along, watch your toes lest a rogue trolley hits you.

It’s a good idea khổng lồ pair Long BienNightMarket with Quang cha Flower Market in Tay Ho, which is xuất hiện from 2 am until 4 am daily.


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if you only have a day or two in Hanoi, don"t forget to lớn read our 2 days in Hanoi itinerary and plan an awesome trip.

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#3- Hoan Kiem Lake


Keen to see howHanoiwinds down after a busy day at work? Head to lớn the Hoan Kiem lake after the sun goes down. The lake, located a stone’s throw from the bustlingHanoiOld Quarter, is a vibrant place where you’ll see localHanoians taking time out for a quick run, practicing their tai chi or even breaking out the boombox as a group of ladies tries their hand at lakeside aerobics and dance! It’s a must on anyVietnam itinerary.

If you take a stroll around the lake, you’ll encounter all of this và more: young couples on a date, avid photographers taking pictures & partygoers getting ready for anightout, since many of the city’s best bars flank the lake itself. The area is perfect if you’re a fan of bright lights too: the bridge and surrounding buildings light up with multicolored hues, making for some incredible reflections on the water’s glassy surface.

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#4- Quang ba Flower Market


While the rest of the đô thị is asleep, the Quang tía flower market is bustling and crowded. Located on Nghi Tam in the Tay Ho district, this night market is the largest, providing fresh flowers lớn the entire city. It opens around midnight & continues well after the sun rises with flowers that have been shipped in from all over the country, that make for some of the best Vietnam souvenirs. Even if you don"t want any flowers, there is always some good food & beers served all night.



Hanoi"s Old Quarter is a mecca for foodies, shoppers, photographers, & culture seekers. When the sun sets the area buzzes with buskers, people taking gentle strolls, & vendors selling all kinds of interesting knick-knacks. Start yournightby taking in the sights and sounds of the 36 Old Streets near the East Gate remains, then work your way back towards Hoan Kiem Lake. Along the way, you"ll find many restaurants và street food vendors dishing up classics such as pho, banh mi, and other great local favorites.

The Old Quarter is a must for anyone wanting khổng lồ explore one of thebest places in Vietnam.

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#7- cafe Pho Co

The Vietnamese love a good coffee. You only have khổng lồ walk through Hanoi for a few minutes khổng lồ find the locals sitting around roadside tables waiting for a strong cup of Vietnamese coffee to brew. However, one of the best places isn’t quite as straightforward to find. Café Pho co is a secret rooftop coffee cửa hàng in Hanoi’s Old Quarter overlooking Hoan Kiem Lake. The entrance to this peaceful café is located behind a silk store down a dark alley. Xuất hiện until 11 pm, it is also one of the most relaxing places khổng lồ take a step back from Hanoi’s street-level madness & watch the lights come on as night takes over.

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As you can see, Hanoi is one of these amazing places that never sleeps. Prepare yourself for an amazing journey. Drink a strong cup of Vietnamese coffee, eat a bowl of Pho & you"re ready for memorable (or not so!) all-nighter... Và if you still remember what happened, don"t forget to tóm tắt your experiences below! Mot Hai bố YOOO! :) :)