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Duong Restaurant Ho Chi Minh is one of the restaurants in the chain of Duong branded restaurants. Duong Restaurant Saigon is located at 27 Dong Du, District 1, Ho Chi Minch City, the most vibrant culinary tourist destination in the City.

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Since its opening in August 2018, Duong Restaurant Saigon has received a lot of attention from domestic và foreign diners. Reviewed by travelers on Tripadvisor as one of the 10 best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh. Diners on Google Business gave sầu the Restaurant 4.8/5 points.

Duong Restaurant Ho Chi Minh is designed simply and impressively, its cuisine is a great combination of traditional Vietnamese dishes and French dishes. All menus at Duong Restaurant chain are designed và supervised by Chef Duong – Top 4 in the Top Chef Vietphái nam program. Learn more about Chef Duong

♥ Top chef passion made – Every dish is carefully made with Vietnamese top chef

♥ The best Restaurant Ho Chi Minch (Saigon) voted by TripAdvisor và Google Business

♥ Cozy atmosphere – Saigon image cover every corner in our restaurant

♥ Friendly staffs – Happy smiles are waiting for you from door to door



Stir fried beef, lettuce, peanuts, onion, deep fried shallot, all in fresh rice paper. Served with herbs & shrimp sauce.


Pan Seared Slmon

Served with Vietnamese risotkhổng lồ rice, onion confit, seared mushroom, vegetable và red wine sauce.

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Grilled Tumãng cầu Steak

Grilled tumãng cầu in lemongrass. Served with red wine sauce, mango chutney, onion chutney, mushroom, mashed potato, vegetable, ratatouille, sunrise tomalớn.


Served with mashed yam, vegetable in white wine, cream sauce, onion confit, asparagus và passion fruit sauce.

Mushroom Soup

Served with asparagus, crispy rice paper, coriander and egg terrine.

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Red Tumãng cầu Salad

Grilled Tumãng cầu steak served with French beans, cherry tomatoes, blaông chồng olives, peppers, potatoes, egg, red onion, mushroom, parmesan cheese ...