The top 10 things to see and do in dalat, vietnam


What’s it lượt thích lớn live sầu in’s ‘city of eternal spring’? Thanh Liêm is the owner of an outdoor adventure company that brings travellers khổng lồ the best nature spots in the mountains & forests surrounding Đà Lạt. Growing up in Đà Lạt, he’s deeply immersed in the beauty of this highl& town, and its charming traditions. Here he shares his top tips for travellers.

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Where should travellers go to lớn get the best views of Đà Lạt?

With so many hills, mountains và forests, every inch here is beautifully unique. Many coffee shops have sầu made the most of this landscape và turned themselves inkhổng lồ fantastic viewpoints for travellers, such as Cà Phê Mê Linh, Horizon Coffee, and Café Panorama. Langbiang Peak at 2,167 metres is another good place to lớn take in the majestic mountainous scenery.

What are your favourite ‘secret" spots in this town?

I’m a nature lover, so I often spend time camping or paddle boarding with family và friends at Tuyền Lâm Lake, just seven kilometres from Đà Lạt.

I also love sầu trekking lớn reach waterfalls or cliffs deep in the forest such as Datanla Waterfall. Of course, this sport requires some professional training, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: you can learn how to lớn abseil by joining a canyoning class at Datanla Waterfall.


When is the best month or time to lớn visit Đà Lạt & why?

If you ask me, Đà Lạt is the most beautiful in December, when you can feel the lingering cold of winter just before the warmth of spring. It"s an iconic picture: people in sweaters & gloves on walks around Xuân Hương Lake, with cherry apricots in full bloom.

Is there a festival or special sự kiện that travellers should not miss?

The Cherry Apricot Festival (tiệc tùng, lễ hội Hoa Mai Anh Đào) is a lovely one. Marathons such as Đà Lạt Ultra Trail, Lang Biang Trail have different levels for travellers who want khổng lồ experience the city"s beautiful pathways.

What does the name Đà Lạt mean?

‘Đà Lạt" or ‘Đạ Lạch" originates from the L& of Lat people. The indigenous people here are actually descendants of the Lats (K"ho people). In the 1900s, Kinh people began to lớn move khổng lồ Đà Lạt from Northern and Central Vietphái mạnh, mixing their own customs with the Lats, creating Đà Lạt"s quality cultural landscape.

Although the thành phố itself is young, ancient traditions have sầu shaped the Đà Lạt residents of today with all the best qualities from each group: honesty of the K"hos, depth and grace of Thừa Thiên Huế, manners of thủ đô, diligence of Nghệ An - TP.. Hà Tĩnh, và the South"s free spirit.


What makes Đà Lạt different from other places in

Almost instantly one would think of the weather. Đà Lạt enjoys cool breezes all year round, regardless of the season, while elsewhere the temperature may reach 40 degrees in the summer. That alone is enough lớn phối Đà Lạt apart.

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If you had khổng lồ describe Đà Lạt in three adjectives, what would they be and why?

Melancholy: Year after year, Đà Lạt’s melancholy remains the same. It’s in the quietness of the pine forests, of dew drops on the grass, of misty mansions. Đà Lạt has seen its fair nói qua of love stories, & thus has inspired many poets và musicians.

Poetic: Colourful flowers, ancient architecture, highschoolers in White áo dài, vendors grilling sweet potatoes next to Xuân Hương Lake--everyday life here is poetic.

Creative: Đà Lạt"s creativity is demonstrated in its many efforts lớn balance tourism & sustainability. The đô thị constantly pushes for new tours & products in which travellers can experience Đà Lạt while also preserving nature & authentithành phố.

Which is your favourite Đà Lạt coffee siêu thị & what bởi you lượt thích about it?

Café-hopping, a quintessential Đà Lạt experience, is also one of my favourite things lớn vày. I fell in love sầu with an unnamed café near Đà Lạt Old Market. It is the perfect spot khổng lồ feel the vibe of this place. My second choice is Là Việt Coffee, which true coffee fans will appreciate.


Where bởi vì you take family or friends when they come to lớn Đà Lạt?

If they love exploring nature, I will take them canyoning, trekking and camping, paddle boarding at Tuyền Lâm Lake, mountain biking in the pine forests, và trying out the high rope course.

If they love sầu history và architecture, King Bảo Đại Palace, Đà Lạt Museum, Queen Nam Pmùi hương Palace, colonial French churches, Chicken Church, the old train station, the Education College are some must-visits.

For those who want to lớn learn more about traditional crafts, we will go on a trip khổng lồ Vạn Thành flower village, one of the three oldest in Đà Lạt. Coffee farm too, of course. Winehouse, mushroom farm, silk factory, và Linc Ấn Pagodomain authority is also on the danh mục.

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