Thai airways flights to vietnam


Thai Airways Flights to lớn Vietnam

Tnhì Airways has many daily flights from Suvarnabuhmày Bangkok Airport to lớn major Vietnam"s cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City và Danang. 

Approximate flight time is 1.5 hours & flight ticket costs from $180 for economy and $450 for business class. 


Tnhị Airways Baggage Allowance

Carry On

Tnhì Airways applies the same policy for the hvà luggage as other airlines in the world. The maximum weight of the hand luggage is 7kilogam và the sum of dimensions must be lower than 115 centimet. When on board, passengers can carry individual items that are allowed on any international plane such as purse, women bag, laptop/notebook, sản phẩm điện thoại phones, entertainment devices, medication, umbrella & hat.

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Check-in Luggage

There are two mains concept that are used by Thai Airway to lớn measure the checked luggage. The first one is weight concept. Based on this concept, the total weight of check-in baggage of the passengers has to be lower than 20kg (For Economy Class), 30kg (For Business Class) và 40kg (for First class). If the total weight of the luggage excesses these limitations, the passengers have to register for checking this additional baggage at the airport. The second way is pieces concept. Applying this concept means that the passengers can bring 2 pieces of baggage into the plane without checking. The restricted weight of each piece is 23kilogam (for Economy class) & 32 kilogam (for Business & First class).

Infants are allowed 10 kilogam và 1 collapsible child troller, push chair or infant-carrying basket.

Special BaggageGolfing equipment: has a limit of 14 gold clubs, 12 balls và 1 pair of shoes. Golf equipment will be charged a flat fee with weight lower than or equal lớn 15kg. The charge is $35 for travel within Europe, Asia, South America và $70 for longer distance.Bicycles, diving, water skis: allowed as normal weight allowance and excess baggage fee will apply.

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Thai Airways Cabin Crew - Photo: pinterest

Tnhị Airways Business Class

Business class offered by Thai Airways is equipped with more luxury and modern facilities, extremely spacious seat and great entertainment facility. Before the flights, passengers of the Business class are invited lớn use a private lounge with internet access, showers, light meals and children areas. On the plane, they also have sầu larger seats which can be transformed to a half-bed. Moreover, these seats are equipped with AC outlet to lớn plug in electronically devices và personal telephones to lớn communicate with other people on the grounds. In front of the seats are touch screen LCD with entertainment complex including music, subtitles movies, information update và interaction games, and an exterior camera khổng lồ witness the scenery on the ground and outside if the plane. Passengers on Business class also have fewer restrictions with regard to lớn luggage allowance than other classes.

Thai Airways Business Class - Photo: Tnhị Airways

Inflight Meals

For Asian food loving passengers, Tnhị Airways should be in your consideration in booking a flight. Flight attendants, in their orchid purple suite, are always smiling and asking if you need anything to lớn drink. Although many other airlines have cut cost on short haul flights, Tnhì Airways has lived khổng lồ their true standard & offering great Thai food choice. For desserts or snacks, you cannot miss Mango tart or tamarind juice. 

However, the food served on Tnhị Airways might be too spicy to some people. Some desserts, such as coconut dessert, are too sweet but tasty. Adjust your taste & welcome lớn Southeast Asia!

Tnhị Airways Inflight Meals - Photo: Trip Advisor

Tnhì Airways Safety Record

In thae last trăng tròn years, Tnhị Airways have had no incidence that raise safety concern for international route. Plus the economy class on Tnhị Airways is among mỏi the most spacious among mỏi Asian airlines, allowing for better air ventilation. Tnhì Airways is a wise choice for visitors considering a Vương Quốc của nụ cười - Vietphái nam flight.

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Tnhì Airways Economy Class - Photo:

Thai Airways Contact

Tnhị Airways has regional representatives in most continents: Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania. Below is a menu of Tnhì Airways contact number in Vietphái nam if you have sầu questions or concerns.

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