There are many posts here about taxis from the airport khổng lồ Hoi An and prices seem to lớn vary from $15 to $30 for the trip.

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So can anyone give up-to-date information?

Are Mailinh taxis (metered) available at the airport, và if so, what`s the cost now?


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Taxi prices range from 350k lớn 450k vnd. Depends on your negotiating skills. Meter should be similar. Time of day, rain, etc. All are factors.

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I agree about having your khách sạn arrange a driver. We were there in January and it cost $18 U.S. For pick up. We used the same service going back to lớn the airport. No hassles at all. Pay the hotel directly and don't have to giảm giá with paying xe taxi driver.

We used a legitimate metred taxi last year và it cost us $25. When we arrived at the khách sạn we found their service was $20.

Yes, MaiLinh xe taxi is at the airport, it is green color; cost from 380,000VND, depending on your khách sạn location in Hoi An, because of meter taxi.

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If you vị not lượt thích the smell of taxi and you want better service, it is easier khổng lồ find oto rental agents at Hoi An town or from your hotel. Oto rental is usually higher price, because they are more professional.

Taxi Mai Linh is available mostly everywhere in da Nang city & in the airport. The fee depends on your khách sạn location & the kind of the oto they use for the xe taxi as well. You'd better take a pick-up service from your hotel to avoid some possible troubles.

You can easily find a Mai Linh taxi at the airport, but the rate would be much cheaper if you book a private car in advance.

What about mortobike, you can hire motorbike at the hotel you booked và have a motorbike tour khổng lồ HOi An.

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