Sun World cha Na Hills is an exotic theme park with lots of recreational amenities perched on a high mountain (1487m above the sea level) in the outskirts. It is located 36km from Danang city Center and approximately 60km from Hoi An Ancient Town. Lớn reach cha Na Hills, visitors need to lớn take one of the world"s longest cable oto systems.

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When lớn visit

Ba na Hills welcomes tourists all-year-round but its peak season is from April to lớn August, especially in summer when the weather is much cooler than in the city. If you want lớn avoid the crowd, you should travel during winter (October to December). However, the weather condition is obviously not favorable.

Getting to bố Na Hills

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From Danang, it will take you around 45 minutes to get there either by private oto or motorbike. The taxi price is around 500.000 VND and can vary (usually lower) depending on the number of people in the car.

From Hoi An Ancient Town, similarly, you can opt lớn transfer by xe taxi or motorbike on your own. The private round trip usually costs 1.000.000 VND.

Attractions in ba Na Hills

Le Jadin D"Amour

Thanks to mild, temperate weather, this exquisite sculptured garden comprises a vast range of colorful flowers. 9 manicured gardens carry their own themes with stunning designs.

Golden Bridge

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This unique golden bridge lifted by two giant stone hands has become Danang"s new symbol since its appearance. It offers magnificent views of the surrounding landscapes from the above. Moreover, the extraordinary design of the Golden Bridge itself attracts throngs of tourists khổng lồ visit và check-in.

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Wine Cellar

Set beneath the mountain surface, Debay Wine Cellar is fully stock with premium wines since the French colonial era and kept at low temperatures of 16-20 Celcius Degree.

French Village

A perfect miniature of France with spectacular sceneries of French schools, churches, & romantic roads. Visitors can also stop here for some snacks và drinks.

Fantasy Park

A huge outdoor park with various games of all types such as driving, shooting games, 4 và 5D ride, ghost train, and climbing walls. 

Spiritual sites

Ba mãng cầu Hills has its own spiritual zone with many pagodas and Buddhist sculptures. Amongst those, Linh Ung Pagoda with the 27-meter white Sakyamuni Buddha Statue is a striking spot.

Accommodation at cha Na Hills

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For those who want khổng lồ explore ba Na Hills at its fullest, there are several hotels lớn stay overnight such as Morin Hotel, Mecure bố Na Hills French Village, & Debay Hotel.

Opening hours & ticket price

Ba mãng cầu Hill is open from 7:00 lớn 22:00 every day.

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Ticket price: 750.000 VND/adult, 600.000 VND/ child (1m - 1.4m). Children under 1m are miễn phí of charge. Throughout the year, there are many promotion programs và discounts to lớn get low prices.

Useful Information

Location: Sun World Bana Hills, Danang Best for: All visitors Entrance: 600,000-750,000 Hours: 7:00-22:00 Everyday Distance to đô thị center: 18.4km (11.4 mi)