Resort Victoria Núi Sam

I've sầu been there for a weekkết thúc get away. Everything was every nice, staff are friendly và supportive. I left my invisialign brace container in the lobby when kiểm tra out but the receipt helped my khổng lồ find then skết thúc it bachồng lớn my address. Very professional & well arrange. Definitely come baông xã in the future. Good jobs VNS and thank you.

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Dear Ms An,Thank you so much for giving us such lovely feedbaông chồng. Our associates make sincere hospitality their priority. We truly appreciate hearing from you và are glad lớn know you enjoyed our hotel và the cấp độ of service we provide. Hopefully next time you will travel khổng lồ our region you will able to lớn spend more than a night and discover the great culture of the South of Vietnam, especially the Mekong Delta Region.Yours in hospitality,Huynh NhiGuest Service




Dear Mr Dao,Thank you so much for staying with us and also for giving us such very kind feedbaông chồng. Located on the flank of the granite Sam mountain in the heart of the Mekong Delta, Victoria Nui Sam Lodge enjoys exceptional views over the paddy fields below stretching all the way khổng lồ Cambodia. We are so happy that we were up khổng lồ your standard. It will be our great pleasure to host you again as well as to lớn chia sẻ more joyful memories with you.With best regards,Huynh NhiGuest Service
Overall, there are spectacular field rice landscape and great location. Room was spacious, comfortable bed & clean. Staff is really cozy & friendly. This is value choice around Nui Sam Chau Doc area. However, everything in hotel is a little bit expensive sầu. We stay in room P132 và P133 with sewage smell coming from toilet.
LocationStaying at Victoria Nui Sam Lodge is a good choice when you are visiting Nui Sam Ward.

The hotel is located only 6.95 km away from Chau Doc Ferry Terminal.

This hotel is very easy to find since it is strategically positioned cthua to public facilities.

About Victoria Nui Sam Lodge

Not only located within easy reach of various places of interests for your adventure, but staying at Victoria Nui Sam Lodge will also give sầu you a pleasant stay.

This hotel is the perfect choice for couples seeking a thắm thiết getaway or a honeymoon retreat. Enjoy the most memorable nights with your loved one by staying at Victoria Nui Sam Lodge.

When staying at a hotel, the kiến thiết & architecture are two important factors that can spoil your eyes. With its quality setting, Victoria Nui Sam Lodge provides a pleasant accommodation for your stay.

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This khách sạn is the best spot for you who desire a serene and peaceful getaway, far away from the crowds.

Have sầu an enjoyable and relaxing day at the pool, whether you’re traveling solo or with your loved ones.

24-hours front desk is available to serve sầu you, from check-in lớn check-out, or any assistance you need. Should you desire more, vị not hesitate lớn ask the front desk, we are always ready to accommodate you.

Savor your favorite dishes with special cuisines from Victoria Nui Sam Lodge exclusively for you.

WiFi is available within public areas of the property lớn help you to stay connected with family và friends.

Victoria Nui Sam Lodge is a hotel with great comfort và excellent service according to most hotel's guests.

With all facilities offered, Victoria Nui Sam Lodge is the right place to stay.

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Sam Mountain Entrance FeeSam Mountain is the trang chính to lớn dozens of pagodas và shrines making it a popular pilgrimage site. While Victoria Nui Sam Lodge shares the same road & enjoys year-round tranquility thank to lớn our quality location overlooking the plains.The entrance fee with VND đôi mươi,000/Adult & VND 10,000/Child under 15 years old, elderly over 60 years old applicable for all visitors lớn Nui Sam is stipulated by Local Authorities. The fee shall collected once only for guest staying at Victoria Nui Sam Lodge instead og per entry for other guests.Guest policiesPlease inform the property regarding the number of children, age, meal plan, và extra bed requests in the Special Request section upon booking.Children under 12 years old stay for không lấy phí if using existing bedding.Children 4-11 years old will be charged a children's rate for breakfast.Children 12 years và over must use an extra bed.Children 12 years và over are considered as adults.Extra bed rates include breakfast.We would like lớn advise you that this yearly cultural custom will take place on 02nd March, 2018 from 3:00 PM lớn 7:00 PM. The road around Nui Sam will be blocked for the parade of dozens of dragon dance teams performed by local people passing by the way coming up khổng lồ our khách sạn. Therefore, please consider the following suggestions for your convenience:•Change your itinerary if it is possible (manage to lớn get lớn our hotel before 3:00 PM or after 7:00 PM)•Stop at our sister hotel Victoria Chau Doc 01 Le Loi Street and spkết thúc some time there, then we arrange transportation khổng lồ piông chồng you up after 7:00 PM.

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Ttốt em từ bỏ 6 tới 11 tuổi ngủ thuộc nệm với bố mẹ đang thanh khô toán thù VND 423,000 trực tiếp trên hotel