Places to lớn visit in Danang is always a top concern of tourists every summer. Da Nang not only has the most beautiful beach on the planet with white s& & sunshine, but also has harmonious convergence of rivers, mountains, waterfalls & forests. No coincidence is it that visitors lớn tourist attractions in Da Nang have increased in recent years.

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To enjoy your trip in the most interesting, you have sầu lớn check-in these 14 most beautiful tourist destinations khổng lồ visit in DaNang as below.

1- My Khe Beach


Speaking of tourism in Da Nang, My Khe Beach is one of the most popular destinations lớn visit. My Khe Beach in summer brings bachồng the beauty that can make you wish khổng lồ be able to lớn see every day: the beauty of freedom, of a peaceful & desolate sky & deserving to be one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. This is one of places khổng lồ visit in Da Nang that no one does not come và kiểm tra in when coming here.


My Khe Beach is not only beautiful, but is also the cleanest beach in Vietnam when Da Nang government extremely focuses on the quality and environment of the sea. Regarding to its lãng mạn and authentic beauty, travelers appreciate My Khe Beach every summer. You will be surprised with this beach when coming here the first time, because nowhere in Vietnam has this kind of beautiful landscape like this.

2- DHC Marimãng cầu with Carp Statue


DHC Marina, the best Da Nang place of interest for sightseeing & dinner

Known as one of the must-go places lớn visit in Da NangDHC Marimãng cầu with Carp Statue is where you can go sightseeing and then have dinner at Happy Yacht Restaurant in Han River. It has been told that Carp Statue is a symbol of peace that brings the happiness lớn people according to lớn a legover in the old time, which makes the tourists kind of curtiện ích ios. It is very beautiful to lớn see Carp Statue under the sunphối with all the last sunlight going through the water coming from the Carp’s mouth.


After go sightseeing at Carp Statue, you have sầu khổng lồ go to Happy Yacht Restaurant to lớn enjoy dinner with hundreds of delicious dishes from all the regions of Vietphái mạnh. Happy Yacht is not only famous for the cuisine but also for the view overlooking Han River & the city center. You will have sầu a special và thắm thiết dinner there when coming with your lover. 

3- Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park


One of the hottest destinations khổng lồ visit in Danang this summer

Thousands of tourists coming to Nui Than Tai Hot Springs Park this summer proves the heat of Hot Springs Park. Located in the middle of Ba Na Nui Chua Nature Reserve with magnificent mountains và forests, Hot Springs Park is extremely convenient for tourists lớn be able khổng lồ discovery the beauty of this place. Hot Springs Park has become one of the local places lớn visit in Danang Vietphái mạnh và is impressed by the tourists from all over the world with hot mineral baths, Water Park, mud bath, tea-bath, coffee bath, Jacuzzi massage… Especially when coming here, you can also take beautiful photos at any spots.


Well-invested & being taken care carefully from modern infrastructure lớn chất lượng service, Nui Than Tai Hot Spring Park will provide a comfortable, health & fitness retreat for you and your family. It deserves khổng lồ be one of the best places of interest in Danang Vietnam that you have to lớn visit once in your life.

4- Tien Sa Port

 Tien Sa Port with sunset on the sea, The best moment of tourism in Da Nang

Located away from the center about 15km heading to lớn Son Tra, Tien Sa Port is not well-known to many tourists because it is pristine and not focused on tourism. However, it is the place to lớn visit in Danang that many local people like & choose it to be an ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá picnic destination at the weekend.


Tien Sa Port is most beautiful when sunset comes. You can go camping overnight & phối fire khổng lồ barbecues. Although the beach is not as cool as My Khe beach but so much cleaner and quiet.

5- Son Tra Peninsula – Monkey Mountain

Son Tra Peninsula – Monkey Mountain has many places of interest in Danang Vietnam that you cannot miss when coming there. With the pure beauty of mountain overlooking the sea, Son Tra Peninsula attracts tourists all over the world who want to travel with motorbike or xe đạp.


 Son Tra Peninsula – Monkey Mountain: One of the best things to vì chưng in Da Nang

You can stop at Linc Ung Pagodomain authority, then go hiking to Bai But, Bai Da, or see a private collection of artifacts from around Vietphái nam at Dong Dinc Museum. Going to the top of Son Tra Peninsula, you will be at Ban Co peak where all Da Nang is under your view. One of the most special things in Son Tra Peninsula is the beautiful road lớn the top. Imagine you drive on the road between the blue sea & the green mountain. Not only you will see the most beautiful scenes ever, but also the atmosphere is so amazing, like one day suddenly you feel free in the middle of nowhere.

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Son Tra Peninsula is also called Monkey Mountain because here is where many monkeys live sầu. Travelers say that Son Tra Peninsula is a must-go place in Da Nang with breathtaking views and fresh air. If you come there on sunrise or sunmix, the views will be more fantastic. The best transportation you should use when coming lớn Son Tra is motorxe đạp. Son Tra Peninsula will make your trip khổng lồ Da Nang more perfectly.

6- Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is a pass between Hue và Da Nang - a pass that wanderlust travelers often have sầu khổng lồ conquer once in life. The beauty of the Hai Van Pass can only be described most clearly through the 5 words "touch of heaven và earth".


Hai Van Pass - The touching point of heaven & earth

Many young people take the train from Hue to Da Nang just khổng lồ get the beautiful view of Hai Van Pass. This is also an ideal destination in Da Nang for tourists to lớn enjoy the trip when they climb to the top and check-in between the majestic mountains và forest in front of the blue ocean. On the top of the pass on a sunny day, you will definitely no longer have lớn regret your youth for a second!

7- Bridge of Love


Bridge of Love - Places khổng lồ visit in Da Nang for the couples

Legover has it that when the couples leave the loông xã on the bridge, love sầu will be long forever. The love bridge in Europe always makes young people yearn to come to loông xã their love forever, và now you don’ have sầu lớn be jealous any more. You can just visit Da Nang and come lớn the Love sầu Bridge at DHC Marina next khổng lồ Dragon Bridge. Many lãng mạn lanterns, beautiful fairy in the middle of thắm thiết Han River decorate the small bridge. This place has become one of the most beautiful places in your trip khổng lồ Da Nang where couples need to lớn check-in.

* Other colorful bridges as Danang places of interest that you cannot ignore

Not only being famous for the most beautiful beach on the world, Da Nang also has its reputation because of many beautiful and colorful bridges that connecting the center of the thành phố lớn the beach. There are totally 7 bridges there, which make Da Nang is the unique city that has the most bridge all over the country. Blow is all the colorful bridges that you must come over to see when in Da Nang.

9- Golden bridge


Golden Bridge, an amazing structure, was opened in June 2018 at the Bà Nà Hills Resort as part of their Thien Tnhị Garden attraction. The well-known Ba Na hills now seems more famous thanks khổng lồ this interesting bridge.

10- Dragon Bridge 


As one of the places khổng lồ visit in Danang Vietnam giới, Dragon Bridge is the special one that make many tourists curious. Dragon Bridge is in the center of the đô thị and very cthảm bại to lớn the airport, the train station & leading khổng lồ the sea. That is why it is very easy to see this bridge when you reach Da Nang. Not only because of its beauty, but also because of fire and water spray according to a fairy tale a long time ago, many tourists come to lớn visit this bridge. If you want to know how the fire & water spray works, let go to Dragon Bridge at 9PM every weekend (Saturday và Sunday). You will not regret to lớn see this fantastic scene.

11- Han River Bridge


Han River Bridge is a must-go destination when in Da Nang, also one of the oldest bridges and becomes a symbol of this đô thị. For a long time ago, Han River Bridge was made lớn sway in the mid-night for all the boats going through for trading. At that time, they did not know that the swaying thing now make this bridge the most special one in the country. Thought it is no need for the boats going through anymore, but this bridge still sways lớn satisfy the curiosity of tourists in tourism season. Now, many tourists comes to lớn Da Nang lớn see this bridge swaying every night around 12PM. It is beautiful at night when swaying that you have lớn see once in your life. Rethành viên to bring your lover to lớn see this, because someone has told that this swaying thing at Han River is for all the lovers.

12- Nguyen Van Troi Bridge


Nguyen Van Troi Bridge is the oldest ancient one in Da Nang standing beside Tran Thi Ly Bridge that maybe the tourists may not notice. Now, no transportation can run in that bridge. It becomes one of the places of interest in Danang Vietnam for people to lớn walk & see the beautiful view of Han River, Dragon Bridge. In the morning or afternoon, many local people choose this bridge for exercises. Because of its ancient beauty, the young also come here to take outfit-of-the-day photos, pre-wedding photos, & so on.

13- Tran Thi Ly Bridge


As one of the highest bridges, Tran Thi Ly Bridge is definitely the one you cannot miss when in Da Nang. This bridge is large & high enough for you khổng lồ st& & see the beautiful Da Nang in your eyes. Tran Thi Ly Bridge is the road you will pass when going from the airport lớn My Khe Beach. With about 2 kilometers long, the bridge attracts many people every night, especially the couples who want to lớn have a thắm thiết night outside together.

14- Thuan Phuoc Bridge 


Thuan Phuoc Bridge is the highest one standing right beside the sea. When coming there, you can see the overview of the city, other bridges, Son Tra Mountain in the most beautiful way. Because of the high, this bridge is a little dangerous when you go there on a windy or rainy day. Besides that, Thuan Phuoc Bridge will give you the best shots of Da Nang place of interest that you will definitely like.

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Even if you have come lớn many places of interest in DaNang Vietphái nam but not visited the five places mentioned above sầu, you have not fully discovered Da Nang. Your trip will also be much more enjoyable when you come to lớn the sea, mountains, passes, bridges, và ports - the unique features of Da Nang. This đô thị is worth visiting when you want to lớn spend your youth in the most fantastic way. All destinations above are not only beautiful places khổng lồ visit in Da Nang but also bring you the most beautiful experiences in life.