Where lớn eat in da Nang, Vietnam? The Central Vietnam metropolis has many excellent dining options in upscale domain authority Nang restaurants.

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Da Nang perfectly combines nature, culture, people, và food and is in the central region of Vietnam. This đô thị has easy access to other parts of the country, long beaches, và mountains. Domain authority Nang’s cuisine is dynamic yet delicious, influenced by both northern and southern cooking, with a cảm biến of the sea. Here are some da Nang restaurants where you can truly experience this.

La Maison 1888

La Maison 1888, named the world’s leading fine dining khách sạn restaurant by the World Travel Awards, is da Nang’s most expensive restaurant, if not all of Vietnam. In the opulent InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort, this restaurant is the first in Vietnam to lớn have a three-Michelin-starred French chef, Pierre Gagnaire, at the helm.

Chef Pierre Gagnaire takes care of each dish. Photo by La Maison 1888

The legendary Pierre Gagnaire’s dishes dazzle with unexpected juxtapositions of textures và flavors. Local ingredients size the foundation of a thực đơn that includes pho Marin and duck egg, a quenelle of langoustine from the Mekong Delta, và mango and passion fruit Battenberg.

The restaurant requires reservations in advance & has a dress code. While less expensive by Western standards, La Maison is significantly more costly than the average domain authority Nang restaurant.

Fatfish Restaurant và Lounge Bar

Fatfish is one of several restaurants along the Han River that offers a magnificent view of the long Bridge on weekends. This restaurant serves a variety of Asian and Italian classics, French, and dishes from the sunny & windy Mediterranean region.

A mix meal at Fatfish Restaurant & Lounge Bar. Photo by Fatfish Restaurant & Lounge Bar - domain authority Nang

Pasteur Street Brewing Company’s flavor-packed craft beers pair with innovative Asian fusion dishes, pizza, & wood-fired barbecue. Fatfish is suitable for a few snacks or a full leisurely meal. Fatfish is an excellent choice for a western-style, riverside splurge meal at a reasonable price.

Address: 439 Tran Hung Dao street, An hai Trung, Son Tra DistrictPhone: 02363.945.707Opening hours: 10 am – 11 pmPrice: meals 5 - 14 USDPro tip: There’s a Baskin Robbins right down the street if you get hungry after your meal. This may not seem noteworthy, but if you’ve been in Vietnam for a while, there’s nothing lượt thích a Rocky Road cone to lớn cap off the evening.

Le Bambino

Le Bambino da Nang, which opened in 2003, is ideal for escaping the bustling streets without leaving da Nang. This atmospheric restaurant is a 10-minute walk from Han Market và is divided into two indoor dining areas (smoking and non-smoking) and a swimming pool patio.

A meal at Le Bambino domain authority Nang. Photo by

Fresh seafood, homemade pasta, salads, và prime cuts imported from New Zealand and australia are on the menu. Signature dishes at Le Bambino domain authority Nang include foie gras pate with toast bread, black Angus ribeye steak, and duck leg confit.

Address: 122/11 quang quẻ Trung Street, nhị Chau DistrictPhone: 0236-389 6386Opening hours: 11:30 am - 13:30 pm & 16:00 pm - 22:00 pm from Monday khổng lồ Saturday, Sunday is 16:00 pm - 22:00 pmPrice: meals 6 - 18 USD

Nom Bistro

Nom Bistro, which faces the Han River, is a high-end restaurant that serves excellent Vietnamese cuisine in a beautiful setting. This is not a restaurant you would visit regularly. If you want to treat yourself or someone else, or if you’re going lớn celebrate something, come here.

A mix meal served by Nom Bistro. Photo by tiệm Ngon Đà Thành

From the outside, Nom Bistro appears khổng lồ be very interesting. The structure resembles a “nom,” a straw-woven basket used khổng lồ catch fish and other small underwater creatures, paying homage to how many Vietnamese in da Nang used khổng lồ make a living. The food, lượt thích the great structure, does not disappoint. All dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients, & the menu ranges from traditional favorites lớn those with a unique, foreign twist. Try the salad with soft shell crab and jackfruit. You should also try the bamboo chicken & Nom’s crispy chili beef.

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Address: Lot 01-A4 Zone of the Villas of Green Island, nhì Chau DistrictOpening hours: 7 am – 11 pmPrice range: 4–17 USD

Red Sky Bar và Restaurant

Red Sky Bar và Restaurant was one of the first restaurants in domain authority Nang khổng lồ cater to lớn ex-pats, opening in 2010. The restaurant’s tasty menu, which includes Western dishes at reasonable prices, has made it famous for over a decade. Almost all visitors recommend it as a must-try restaurant in domain authority Nang & praise the food, particularly the steak.

Space at Red Sky Bar & Restaurant. Photo by Red Sky Steakhouse

Most foreign visitors agree that Red Sky Bar & Restaurant has the best steaks in town. Other dishes are also tasty, fresh, and beautifully presented, providing guests with unforgettable culinary experiences. The restaurant has a bar where guests can sample various imported wines and extraordinary beverages.

Limoncello Restaurant

Limoncello Italian Restaurant Danang is at 187 Tran Phu Street, between the Han Bridge and the long Bridge. Filippo and Valeria, an amiable Italian couple, run the restaurant, which opened in August 2014. Limoncello is conveniently in a welcoming environment.

The entrance to lớn Limoncello Restaurant. Photo by hoangviettravel

Come to Limoncello for authentic Italian cuisine and the best service in domain authority Nang. A taste of Italy in the heart of an Asian city, complete with pasta & pizza, is a true treat. Limoncello’s wine enhances the flavor of a meal và creates a welcoming atmosphere at the table, transforming a simple meal into an enjoyable, authentic Italian experience.

Madame Lan

Madame Lan Restaurant, next lớn the romantic Han River, is known as a “miniature Hoi An” in the heart of da Nang. Madame Lan’s architectural style & romantic space will make you feel at ease whenever you visit. Madame Lan brings diverse dishes from all three regions of the country khổng lồ the area of Vietnamese identity. Madame Lan will be the location for you to lớn have an unforgettable experience.

A set meal at Madame Lan. Photo by nhà hàng Madame Lân

You can eat in an mở cửa courtyard or one of the river-facing dining rooms at this massive restaurant in a French colonial-style building. Bun thân phụ cua (crab sausage noodle soup), hu tieu bo kho (vermicelli with stewed beef), bun thân phụ (vermicelli with pork), squid with chili & salt, and green papaya salad with shrimp và garlic are among the tempting options on the menu.

Address: 4 Bach Dang, Thach Thang Ward, hai Chau DistrictPhone: 0236 3616 226Opening hours: 6:30 am – 9:30 pm dailyPrice: meals 3 - 11 USD

Roots Plant-based cafe - Healthy Vegan Restaurant

Vegetarian and vegan diners will have a simple time in domain authority Nang once they discover Roots, a plant-based cafe. Roots, near the beach, serves healthy foods không lấy phí of meat & other additives.

Healthy and delicious feasts at Roots. Photo provided by Roots Plant-based Cafe.

The Roots’ space is minimalistic và has comfortable outdoor seating, making it appealing to lớn western travelers. The cà phê offers heartier fare, such as falafel bowls, meat-free burgers, smoothie bowls, và cold-press juices.

Address: 1 An Thuong 32, Bac My Phu, Ngu hanh hao SonPhone: 0865528252Opening hours: 8:00 am – 10:45 pm dailyPro tip: Besides food, you can buy eco-friendly household items at Roots.

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Unlike in other cities, the popularity of food is not limited lớn shopping malls. If you want lớn experience the flavor of da Nang, you must go to the streets, where the culture shines brightly và serves dishes. You can find it nowhere else. So, don’t wait any longer; book a trip to Vietnam và enjoy some delectable cuisines at these domain authority Nang restaurants.