Pizza hut crescent mall,phu my hung,district 7,ho chi minh, vietnam on instagram


This used to lớn house a coffee/tea siêu thị in Sky Garden found right by the steps leading to Sky Garden 1 along Nguyen Van Linch St.

Bạn đang xem: Pizza hut crescent mall,phu my hung,district 7,ho chi minh, vietnam on instagram

I’ve sầu been wondering what would be a good cửa hàng lớn replace the old one. Actually a lot of shops along this strip have sầu opened only lớn cđại bại after 6 months. The Vietnamese market is pretty volatile these days and is hard on local businesses. So it was no wonder that the local siêu thị here closed. And guess what was on the side of this shop?

Looks lượt thích this shop will become Pizza Hut. Project completion date on the 15th of July. Lots of pizza shops here already in Phu My Hung. There’s Pizza99, Pizza Inn, Domino’s Pizza & some Italian places serving pizza lượt thích The Red Tomato lớn và Al Fresco.

I love sầu pizza và all but actually, this place doesn’t need another Pizza Hut.


I feel bad for local business.

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