Da Nang is a beautiful beach thành phố located in the central of Vietnam. Traveling to domain authority Nang, you will get a chance khổng lồ visit breathtaking natural attractions while having fun on the beach or at amusement parks.

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What to do in domain authority Nang?

Read this domain authority Nang travel guide for the đứng đầu 10 things to vì in domain authority Nang and plan a great trip here.

1. Have a fun day at ba Na Hills

Looking for fun things to vị in domain authority Nang? Visit Ba na Hills!

With a refreshing climate và an average temperature is only 18 degrees Celsius, ba Na Hills is a great place to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery from above.

Also, you must have heard of the Golden Bridge supported by giant hands. Standing on the bridge, a majestic natural landscape will appear in front of you with trắng clouds and mountains.


Near the lake, you can find a beautiful rice paddy field, which is just around the area on chảy Ninh Street. Also, the area is charming and not touristic, so that you can enjoy the real lifestyle of the Vietnamese people.

When is the best time lớn visit Hoa Trung lake?

Hoa Trung lake is full of water most of the year, so the best time khổng lồ visit this lake is in October when there is not much water. During that time, the grassland will reveal itself, & you can camp there.

How to get khổng lồ Hoa Trung lake from domain authority Nang?

The easiest way is lớn go along the AH1 street and then go into chảy Ninh street. You can find Hoa Trung lake by going straight from this street. Chảy Ninh street is still a small street, so it’s quite challenging to lớn go but even for a car.

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You shouldbook a private car charterif you’d lượt thích to visit Hoa Trung lake.

10. Have fun at Sun World domain authority Nang Wonders (Asia Park)

Besides cha Na Hills, Sun World da Nang Wonders (Asia Park) is another amusement park.

Not only is it a serene oasis in the middle of domain authority Nang city, but Sun World da Nang Wonders is also a cultural and entertainment complex of domain authority Nang, gathering dozens of modern games.

What are the quality things to vày in Asia Park?

The most famous games are the Monorail – the most modern high-speed tram in Vietnam, Queen Cobra – the most giant hang glider in Vietnam with five continuous 360 spirals at 34m, và Golden Sky Tower – the tallest freestanding tower in Vietnam with a height of 47 m which is equivalent khổng lồ the height of a 13 story building.

Especially, travelers can have a great view of da Nang with the Sun Wheel (115m).

Getting to Sun World domain authority Nang Wonders also means going on an exciting trip across the three regions of Vietnam through the hundreds of delicious dishes.

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Also, you can find architectural buildings from different Asian countries such as India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, China, Nepal, and Vietnam.