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Muong Tkhô nóng Gr& Quang Tri is proud of being the first premium hotel of Hotel Muong Thanh hao Hotel Chain located in Quang Tri. Containing 175 rooms with an airy & gracious thiết kế, we proudly provide visitors moments of rest và relaxation, separated from a busy daily life. Muong Tkhô giòn Gr& Quang Tri khách sạn is convenient access lớn famous attractions of historic l& Quang Tri.

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Lovely hotel. The room was very clean and a very good form size, great amenities in the room. Very friendly và helpful staff with front of house having good English. Nice restaurant with a great breakfast selection. 15 minute easy walk lớn the train station. If in Dong Ha then this is definitely the place to lớn stay.
Dear BrentFran, Thank you so much for leaving your feedback about Mường Thanh Gr& Quảng Trị khách sạn on yenbaitourism.com.vn! This nice feedbachồng will be our strong motivation to keep working in coming time. It is our pleasure to lớn bring the best service, such as: Búp Phê breakfast, accommodation with international 4-star standard, high speed wireless mạng internet connection, etc. We are very happy khổng lồ know that you did enjoy the moment in our hotel . Once again thank you for your Đánh Giá & Hope to see you again! Warm Regards, Phạm Tấn Oai General Manager

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These are the facts: 1) I had 4.6million dong in my luggage. The exchanged money included four 500k bills which are xanh, the rest in 200k, 100k và 50k bills. 2) I was on a medical mission trip with food & transportation paid for 3) I am very detail oriented and keep traông xã of every single dollar I spkết thúc. Whenever I took money out, I would traông chồng it in my phone. A few days later, I kiểm tra my money stash lớn see that only 2 million is left. I had only spent 600k, meaning 4 million should be left. However, I only had 2 million left in 200ks, 100ks và 50ks. ALL 4 of the blue 500k bills are missing. There is NO WAY I spent 2 million dollars on a trip when all food and transportation are paid for. I contacted khách sạn management and notified them. They gave me a charade of telling me they would check the cameras because they think it is possible some random person came inlớn my room và stole it... but left my laptop? OBVIOUSLY the maids or cleaning staff took it và shared it amongst themselves. They said they asked the cleaning staff about it & they denied it. OF COURSE THEY DID?! WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD CONFESS TO STEALING MONEY???!!! and to top it all off... he asked if I put my money in the safe.... but there wasn't even a safe in my room. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!!!!!…

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