Ho Chi Minch City is a churning, vibrant cauldron of sights, sounds & (usually) delicious smells. Its markets are possibly the best example of the city’s frenetic atmosphere. Here’s Culture Trip’s guide to lớn the most interesting, expansive sầu & downright cool markets in Vietnam’s largest metropolis.

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From dawn until the small hours of the morning, Saigon’s citizens come to markets to lớn cửa hàng for delectable sweets và pastries, sumptuous fabrics và fresh produce. On l&, underground or floating on the water, Ho Chi Minh City’s markets are an unmissable example of Vietnamese daily life, và well worth paying a visit, whether you’re shopping for beautiful flowers, freshwater crabs or just taking in the sights.


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Ben Thanh khô Market is among muốn the largest & most historic markets in the country, và one of the oldest surviving structures in Ho Chi Minch City. People have sầu been trading on its grounds since the 17th century.Under French colonial rule, the market building was first constructed và opened under the name Les Halles Centrales. Following a fire in the early-20th century, it was renamed Ben Tkhô nóng, which roughly translates khổng lồ “Wharf Citadel”. Its famous southern entrance is watched over by a soaring White cloông chồng tower that has remained unchanged for over a century. For a đô thị that saw the ravages of colonial rule & a decade-long war, there aren’t many better places to lớn get a glimpse of the old Saigon.Inside, its vaulted halls are trang chủ to hundreds upon hundreds of stalls, with vendors selling everything from school uniforms và umbrellas khổng lồ green tea và engine oil. Ben Thanh Market covers an impressive sầu 13,000 square meters (139,931 square feet) in the heart of District 1.The great production that is a day at the market begins at around 4am when the first traders start khổng lồ arrive sầu. If you’re at the southern gate around that time, you can see traders praying at a small temple for prosperity and success in the day’s dealings.If you get khổng lồ the market later in the day, from 6pm onwards, the main halls shut down, & three thriving night markets open up at the building’s northern, eastern & western gates.


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