Korean Air Flights khổng lồ Vietnam

There are currently three direct flights from Seoul to Hanoi organized by Korean Air. Two of them are daily with one departing at 19.30 (local time) & another one taking off at (10.05). Another flight on this route is only provided on Monday, Thursday, Friday và Sunday at 18.05 every week. 


On the other hand, daily flights from Seoul to lớn Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị have two options. One flight departs at 19.15 & lands at 22.20, and another one takes off at 10.15 and arrives at 13.40.

Ticket fare depends on the time & date và can get as low as $500 for round trip travel. One way trip is approximately 5 hours to Hanoi và 7 hours lớn Saigon.

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Besides Hanoi and Ho đưa ra Minh City, Korean Air also operates direct flight lớn Danang & Nha Trang.

Baggage Allowance on Korean Air Flights From South Korea to Vietnam

It is important to chú ý that if you fly from another destination và make a transit in South Korea before proceeding to Vietnam, the baggage allowance of the original location may apply for the whole route.

Cabin luggage

Passengers are allowed the following:

Economy Class: 1 cống phẩm of 12kg in weight and 115cm in total dimensions.Prestige & First class: 2 items of 18kg in weight each and 115cm in total dimensions.Permitted extra items: máy vi tính computer, camera, thiết bị di động phone, briefcase, or handbagChecked baggage

General rule: kích thước of three dimensions of luggage cannot exceed 158cm.

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Economy class

Flights involve a stop or final destination in the Americas: 2 pieces x 23kg/each (50 lbs each).Flight from/ to Brazil: 2 pieces x 32kg/each (66 lbs each)Flights from/to other destinations: total weight limit of 20kg (44 lbs)

Prestige class

Flights involve a stop or final destination in the Americas: 2 pieces x 32kg/each (66 lbs each).Flights from/to other destinations: total weight limit of 30kg (66 lbs)

First class

Flights involve a stop or final destination in the Americas: 2-3 pieces x 32kg/each (66 lbs each).Flights from/to other destinations: total weight limit of 40kg (88 lbs)


Infant travelers are allowed 1 collapsible stroller, portable cradle, or child oto seat; 1 bag with a kích cỡ less than 115cm/45ins & maximum weight of 10kg/22lbs

Restricted check-in items

Expensive personal belongings such as jewelry, laptop, mobile phone, precious metalsSamples, fragile items, perishable goods và similar items.


Korean Air Prestige Class

The prestige class on Korean Air offers passengers a more comfortable seat that can be transformed into a fully flat bed for sleeping. The seats are equipped with buttons lớn adjust the seat positions, & AC outlet lớn plug in electronically devices. Passengers’ seats are also equipped with one 15.4 inch LCD và an entertainment complex lớn enjoy the various options of entertainment such as TV, movies, music, information channels & games. In addition, the meals on this class are prepared carefully with high unique ingredients & served as in a đứng đầu restaurant on the ground. The thực đơn is also various & attractive with different dishes & beverage from Korea và all other places around the world.

Korean Air Prestige Class - Photo: Korean Air

Inflight Meals

Many of the flights between South Korea và Vietnam are overnight flights - so expect a snack và a full breakfast khổng lồ be served.

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Korean Air has very good meal service compared with other airlines. Most meals are well prepared và presented and main meals often give the option of traditional Korean items such as Bibimbap or Gimbap. In fact, Korean Air often won global Mercury award for excellent inflight meals.

Breakfast on Korean Air - Photo: Inflight Feed

Korean Air Safety Record

In that last đôi mươi years, Korean Air has excellent safety record with little or no incidence. The airline has been praised as one of the best airlines in East and Southeast Asia.

Korean Air Contact

Opening Hours: 8:30 - 17:00, closed on Saturday, Sunday and holiday

In Hanoi

Telephone (0243) 934-7247 (Korean #2, English#3, Chinese #4, Japanese #5)

Address: Room 1401, 14th Floor, Discovery Complex, 302 Cau Giay street

In Ho bỏ ra Minh City

Telephone (0283) 824-2878 (Korean #2, English#3, Chinese #4, Japanese #5)