Khách sạn ocean haven

The service is not enough good. I had stayed at Ocean many times. But I think this time is uncomfortable. Maybe Covid-19 is the reason to explain why.

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The khách sạn is very clean & the reception staff friendly. But breakfast is only until 9 o'cloông chồng và the Búp Phê was very unappetizing. Despite new orders I got cold coffee và cold fried eggs. I saw 2 employees who did nothing và one slept in a chair.
Thanks for your appreciation. We will overcome it to serve sầu more thoughtfully.Very sorry for affecting your vacation.Mr. Vũ

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Great stay, clean khách sạn & room very ok, locked with NFC tags, can only be opened from the inside, very convenient for those who forget khổng lồ loông chồng the door, but the morning Búp Phê is not many dishes (about 15 dishes ) and there are some dishes that are not delicious (Pasta with tomalớn sauce)

The old room, the hotel is near the sea with little breakfast, however the price of 460k / 2 person room is too cheap, so it is recommended lớn book through the ứng dụng.

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The lobby & the front of the hotel bởi not turn on very dark. Old towels, stains, Breakfast is not good. Sea view is out of sight for other hotels. Breakfast bad
Thank Ocean haven hotell for vc e comfortable stay with attentive sầu staff & clean rooms! Room facing the sea, the city is very beautiful and relaxing