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We stayed in a room has 6 single beds with private bathrooms on the same floor. The room is spacious và we're surprised as there are 3 toilets just for us. The location not very near to lớn Dalat market but have sầu motorxe đạp parking, so you can rent a motorxe đạp and discover the thành phố. We bought food from the market & served ourselves at the rooftop balcony of the khách sạn which was very chilled. The bed sheets, blanket và curtain are dusty. However, the service was better than we expected, they allowed us khổng lồ early check-in at 12:00 PM instead of 14:00, the receptionist was accommodate to our requests during the stay. We was happy staying here.

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My wife & I stay in hotels và hostels frequently around the world, và we've sầu experienced a wide range of quality và cleanliness aao ước them. Usually, we know what we're getting into—for instance, if a place is a dirt-hole, we know that from the start (via indicators such as price, location, type of establishment, etc.) and plan accordingly. For instance: is it a really cheap hostel in Laos? Well, it likely has a bathroom that doesn't work & smells lượt thích cigarettes. OK. Book it & plan accordingly. TRAVELLL, MANNNN. But the Da Lat Memory Inn was different. It had the indicators of an average-level stay. A nice, clean, relaxing place. Except that it wasn't. I don't normally leave review. I'm not inlớn flaming business owners, especially in developing countries. But I vày want other travelers lớn be aware of the facts at this place. The price per night at Da Lat Memory Inn was about average for a mid-to-upper-màn chơi single room in Viet Nam (~$50 USD a night), indicating average to lớn above average service and amenities. The photos looked decent. Good location. And it had good review. But when we checked in, the hotel put us in a room right next to lớn reception—the loudest area in any khách sạn. OK, no problem: we can look past that. Honestly, we've been in SE Asia for over a year and our skin is pretty thiông chồng at this point. Loud noises are par for the course. The room, however, was a dirt-hole. The walls were dirty and in serious need of a coat of paint. The bathroom nhà vệ sinh raông xã was literally falling out of the wall, and the faucet was not secured khổng lồ the counter—it just wobbled khổng lồ và fro. The baseboards were peeling from the walls, và the dresser had broken through the flooring. The flooring itself had peeled up in chunks lớn reveal the dirty subfloor underneath. There is no A/C, so we left the window open in the afternoon lớn cool the room off (there are bars around the window area to lớn prevent theft & we locked up our stuff besides). When we returned, there were cát prints all over the bed. The nhà vệ sinh constantly leaked. No big deal—this happens everywhere in SE Asia. But when we returned from an afternoon out, one of our towels was on the floor soaking up the nhà vệ sinh puddle. We didn't put the towel there. Come khổng lồ your own conclusions. The doors lớn the room didn't cchiến bại properly. We had to lớn slam the main door lớn cthảm bại it. The day we left, it wouldn't open. We thought we were locked in. We both had to pull before it became unstuchồng. The staff were nice enough on a very basic level. I know the standard response from business owners on review such as this: "Hello XXX: We are sorry we didn't meet your expectations! If you had told us when you stayed with us, we could have sầu made it better! Please tin nhắn us at to lớn discuss how we can make it up khổng lồ you in the future." But what would have happened if we had told the front desk about any of this? Would they have sầu moved us lớn a different room? We didn't want that hassle for a two-night stay. Fixed the door? No. The floor? No. The fixtures hanging from the wall? No. The fact is, these things should be fixed BEFORE a customer complains about them, và WAY BEFORE a customer even stays in the room and has the opportunity khổng lồ complain. Again, we're experienced travelers. We don't have high expectations. But the Da Lat Memory Inn charges average-to-above-average prices for a remarkably sub-standard experience. A word of warning for fellow travelers. Interesting that the place gets decent Reviews here on Google Maps, but crap đánh giá over on We should have sầu stayed at a hostel (like Beds and Brews, also in Da Lat), which is where we went khổng lồ work online because our room was uncomfortable and the internet came và went at Da Lat Memory Inn.…

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