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This is a neat và clean khách sạn in Cao Lanh that serves both tourists và business travelers. It over looks the park và if you manage to lớn get a room that has the views of the park, it is simply great. The linen and toilet are neat and tidy. The room that we stayed also had a drawing room. The break fast served is simple and good. It has also a Cafe. There are some good local food joints close by and walkable.

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Clean và comfortable with helpful staff but receptionist language is only Vietnamese. No answers available at reception other than room availability, all other questions are referred lớn management by receptionist producing delay with replies. A pleasant park & lake is located directly across the road from the entrance. Khách sạn location is not central but within walking distance. Good wifi availability. Food is completely Vietnamese.

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The hotel seemed new. The room was very clean. The mattress was the hardest I ever had in my traveller's life !! Fortunately I was staying for 1 night only. The bathroom is a shower-toilet all-in-one room. There was no separation for the shower area which means you could have your toilette seat all wet from the shower. There was an exhaust fan on đứng đầu of the shower. What is funny is that this exhaust fan hâm mộ that sucks hot vapor from the shower is actually ending up into the corridor of that floor !! Since this exhaust fan is leading khổng lồ the corridor, one can hear all that is happening in the bathroom of your neighbours from the corridor !! No privacy !! I was given a real key for the room, not a card type of key. The key seemed to lớn be an old one because I had difficulty to key in as it would not get in due khổng lồ rust or dirtiness. When you mở cửa the door, there is slot for thẻ type key khổng lồ switch on the power. However I was not give such card for that purpose thus I had to search for the power. There was a row of nguồn switches next to the thẻ type key slot. By switching this row on, the room's light was on !! The curtain was not light proof. By morning, the room was lighted up by the morning sunshine. The breakfast was very good with local Vietnamese food, very original. The lobby was simple, very Vietnamese with dirty floor. It seemed not being clean for a long time. There was a water bottle và some glasses in the lobby for guests to quench their thirst. This is very thoughtful. However the price paid was not worth for the location and the standard.…