Vietnam weather in december

In December, Ho Chi Minh weather is characterized by an insignificant amount of rainfall, temperate climate, & sunny skies. There are no storms in December and rains last only for a few minutes. Ho Chi Minh City draws flocks of tourists to lớn visit this month.

December is the first month of dry season as well as the best time to visit Ho Chi Minch City. While the north of Vietphái nam is experiencing the coldness of winter, this southern metropolis is still soaking in warm sunshine. Special events to celebrate Western holidays and upcoming traditional Tet holiday add more excitement to lớn the joyful city in this month.

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Min Temperature 23.0°C Precipitation 26.7mm
Max Temperature 31.0°C Rainy Days 7.3 days
Humidity 74.0% Sunshine Hours 8.9 hours

Historical weather

December weather averages for Ho Chi Minch City in the last 10 years ( 2010 khổng lồ 2020).

Month High Low Changes
November 31.4°C (88.52°F) 23.9°C (75.02°F) -0.1°C (31.82°F)
December* 31.0°C (87.8°F) 23.0°C (73.4°F) -0.8°C (30.56°F)
January 32.1°C (89.78°F) 23.0°C (73.4°F) +0.6°C (33.08°F)

The average humidity in December in Ho Chi Minch City is 74.0%, which is 5.1% lower than November and 7.7% higher than January.

Pros and cons of visiting Ho Chi Minh City in December

In general, Ho Chi Minc City enjoys warm weather in December with temperature ranging from 23°C to lớn 31°C. Though there is no significant change in terms of temperature, the lower humidity at 77% (2% less than November’s humidity) makes weather in December more pleasant then the previous month. It would be a great experience for western tourists, especially Scandinavian, khổng lồ leave the freezing coldness in the homelvà và visit Ho Chi Minc City this time khổng lồ taste a “warm winter” in the tropics.

Ho Chi Minch City, the most modern và liveliest city in Vietphái mạnh may be a good place for foreign tourists to celebrate the New Year. Though Christianity và Catholicism are not dominant religion in the thành phố, tourists can feel the festivity of Christmas and New Year’s Eve sầu filled on the streets. Many streets are lit up & even lined up with pine trees, many high-star hotels, luxurious restaurants và large-scale shopping centers bring Christmas style khổng lồ their decoration & offer tourists a number of great giảm giá khuyến mãi.

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Visiting Notre Dame Cathedral and walking in the downtown lớn enjoy Christmas atmosphere with the locals, or dining on the roof-top restaurant of a high-star khách sạn (Rex, Caravelle, Sheraton Saigon…) và appreciate spectacular firework is great ideal.

Warm sunshine, little rain and festive atmosphere make December one of the best times lớn visit the southern metropolis of Vietnam giới.

December is a hot month in Ho Chi Minh City with an average temperature of 26.5°C. Ho Chi Minh City"s temperature in December ranges between 23.0°C (73.4°F) and 31.0°C (87.8°F).

Yes, it is. The humidity of Ho Chi Minch City in December is around 74.0% và rarely falls below 56.0%.

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No, it does not. Ho Chi Minh City has only 7.3 rainy days in December with an approximate 26.7milimet (1.05") of precipitation.

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