At Street Food Adventure, we don't take you in a tour, but a fantastic adventure with friendly and professional tour guides and the best food ever. Here, you come as a guest, and you leave as a friend

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Enjoy the ''real food tour'' with tons of food which seem familiar but awesome with local taste. Could you win the challenge lớn finish all the food in our tours?
With no more boring tourist area, our tours will take you the local places which many tourists have never seen before
With the local experience that no other tours offer, we make every single dollar worth with our best service: Delicious food, real local destinations, professional tour guides,...


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I really appreciate driving by scooter through Saigon with my Tour guide Son. Son is an excellent driver. So you don't feel scared while crossing the crazy traffic in Saigon. It is an amazing experience. Son has a very good knowledge about the City and its history. So he can show you many hidden places. Highly recommended. Thank so much và Highly recommend the tour!
I was so exciting to lớn have SON lượt thích my tour guide who is very careful và professional on his job. During the trip we had many tasty local foods with the Vietnamese people. ( pancake, ice cream, special beer, soft drinks và lot of sea food etc.)Hospitality was wonderful and it's highly recommended khổng lồ everyone và any age lớn this trip. My special tanks to lớn Son who helped us khổng lồ discover this tour safety.
We were contemplating on just exploring streetfood spots on our own, but lặng glad we chose to lớn take a motorbike tour instead. Being on the back of the motorbike in Saigon traffic is exhilirating! The food spots plus thành phố spots visited were awesome as well. To đứng top it off, we had super fun & energetic guides - Vinh, Tinh & Thanh! Thanks!!

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This was by far the best food tour I've done!Son is quite literally the most energetic, positive person I've meet in a decade. Our group high fived him no fewer than 78 times! He kept up the momentum moving from place khổng lồ place despite the warm weather and wonderful food coma that inevitably set in. We booked a "custom" tour because we'd all had our fair nội dung of banh mi and pho before & wanted khổng lồ try something new. He did a great introducing us khổng lồ new foods: fertilized chicken và quail eggs, a stew of stomachs, cobra liquor, "holy bread," and more. Keep in mind, this wasn't an episode of Bizarre Foods--there were lots of locals eating at each place. Also, they were able to lớn accommodate us into a private tour for 4 people, so we didn't have lớn wait for others in the group or make compromises on what we ate. And, if everything about the tour wasn't already great, it was half the cost of other highly rated tours I was also looking at!