The 10 Best Halong Bay Tours & Excursions


Halong bay is one of the most popular destinations on many travelers" bucket list. There are many different ways to enjoy the spectacular beauty of the bay but none is as fulfilling as taking an overnight cruise trip. The trip not only takes you deeper into the most secluded part of the cất cánh but also organizes many activities for you to lớn understand more about the local culture. There are both day trip, 2 day trip, 3 day trip & even longer trip available. Pick the best one và you will have your moment of a life-time.

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Stellar of the Seas Cruise

Stellar of the Seas Cruise belongs lớn Aclass cruises company, a leading brand for leisure and cruising in Halong Bay. This 5-star cruise vessel offers a winning combination of contemporary luxury và authentic decor that impresses you from the first step onboard. Stellar of the Seas cruise is especially a definite choice for intrepid travelers with a chất lượng route and culturally-enriching voyages pioneering to lớn Halong Bay & Lan Ha Bay.

Orchid Classic Cruise

Inherited a long tradition of being the most luxurious cruise line in Halong Bay, Orchid cruise has continued to escalate the standard of “5-star” luxury by striving for perfection. This is the best choice for families & groups with large cabins & abundant amenities. Meanwhile, adventurous travelers can satisfy their wanderlust with exotic voyages to a lot of pristine beaches, unknown lagoon, fishing villages, và islands on Lan Ha Bay.

Scarlet Pearl Cruises

Scarlet Pearl Cruise is the best choice for those whose desire is khổng lồ stay in a floating hotel. Known as an exotic catamaran-style boat, Scarlet Pearl Cruise offers the ultimate in luxury and top-notch amenities. This sleek steel vessel is not only well-furnished but also operates unrivaled itineraries to lớn the less-crowded Lan Ha Bay.

Elite of the Seas

Either you spend 2 days or more on Elite of the Seas Cruise, your vacation will always be unforgettable. Contemporary style and outstanding services and facilities characterize this brand-new vessel. Wonderful onboard experiences aside, the itinerary is also action-packed và enjoyable.

Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan

Heritage Cruises is perhaps the most recognized name in Halong bay which redefines the standard with spacious staterooms và grand style. This fleet of vessels offers an excellent array of onboard entertainment & state-of-the-art facilities. The cruise itinerary is ideal for young-at-heart travelers who want khổng lồ avoid the touristic Halong Bay and discover more about Lan Ha Bay.

As you’d expect from a giant cruise ship, Ambassador cruise offers everything on a large scale. Moreover, embark on Ambassador Cruise, you’ll join an enchanting itinerary through Halong cất cánh to discover a wealth of culture hidden amongst limestone karsts and admire primitive areas.

The brand-new Indochine Cruise is the largest overnight vessel in Lan Ha bay so far. It provides absolute luxury và a laid-back atmosphere onboard. Guests will be thoroughly entertained with a variety of iconic facilities và programs. What’s more, this 5-star cruise provides an elaborate các mục of fantastic destinations that escorts visitors through the poetic and tranquility Lan cất cánh Bay.

Peony has taken outstanding features of its line to lớn become the best mid-range cruise on Halong Bay. The cruise is well-known for its innovative ship design & exceptional 5-star services. In addition lớn this, since its debut, Peony smashed other lines of the same kích cỡ as the first 4-star cruise ship lớn operate in Lan Ha Bay.

Belongs lớn Paradise group, a fleet of well-equipped vessels, Paradise Elegance cruise is destined for luxury cruising. The lavish cruise takes its unmatched service and facilities khổng lồ the sea where guests stay in amazing suites và are treated with the best dining. Moreover, shore excursions to Halong bay aim to xuất hiện a window into the bay’s culture và legendary wonders.

Rosy cruise is one of the newest premier cruises in Halong Bay. The ship boasts 5-star standards with modern comforts và well-equipped cabins. It develops an exciting itinerary lớn see enchanted sceneries of Lan Ha cất cánh within 2 days and 3 days.

Emperor Cruises Halong treats passengers lớn a luxurious all-inclusive cruise experience. All-suite accommodations, top-notch services, và exquisite upscale dining options phối Emperor Cruises apart from other lines. The ship even exceeds guests’ expectations with engaging enrichment programs và destination-focused excursions around Halong Bay.

Sealife Legend Cruises are top-of-the-line addition to its fleet that takes visitors beyond ordinary excursions to lớn the Lan Ha bay area và Cat tía Island. The 2 twin offerings are particularly notable for culinary excellence, outstanding all-suite accommodations, & a comprehensive program onboard. They are also two of a few luxury cruise ships that combine the intertwining between Yin và Yang in the design.

The all-inclusive Athena Royal Cruise appeals solo travelers, couples, và families with kids who are looking for a mid-sized ship & luxurious accommodations. Unparalleled services and authentic Vietnamese cuisine allure any guests coming to the cruise. In addition, with a well-researched itinerary, guests can immerse themselves in the region & soak up as much culture and history of Bai Tu Long cất cánh as possible.

Established in 2013, Huong hai Sealife is a member of Sealife group, a leading cruise operator in Halong Bay. The 4-star cruise is among the đứng đầu pick of both business & leisure travelers for its superior services, high-end suites, & a wealth of food & entertainment options. More significantly, Huong nhì Sealife brings an unparalleled travel experience to Bai Tu Long Bay, a quieter part of the Halong bay area.

Orchid Trendy showcases luxury và femininity right at the doorstep. The elegant cruise line secures a relaxed living place with all 5-star amenities & pampering services alongside with unique route through the magnificent beauty of Lan Ha Bay.

Launched in 2012, the Au co cruise is the first ship lớn bring a 5-star standard to Halong Bay. This leading line treats travelers to lớn a luxury cruising experience with subtle interior design, a delicate menu và an exceptional destination-focused itinerary. Uniquely, the cruise only focuses on the 3-day journey encompassing jaw-dropping destinations on Lan Ha Bay & Halong Bay.

When it mix sail earlier this year, Doris cruise is a brand-new 5-star cruise that is designed with the luxury in mind. The ship includes abundant amenities và a stylish interior. Seasoned travelers love the adventure found on Doris cruise as it sails khổng lồ both popular và smaller destinations on Lan Ha Bay.

Calypso gains a reputation for a fleet of new ships that cruise to lớn Lan Ha Bay and Cat cha Island. Onboard, travelers will find plenty of family-oriented amenities, spacious staterooms, and a vast selection of dining options. Meanwhile, journeys to the destinations are full of excitement & valuable experiences.

Aphrodite cruise belongs lớn the Aphrodite line, a fleet of traditional wooden junks. Since its debut in 2013, this luxury boutique cruise has escalated in unparalleled luxury cruise experience khổng lồ discover the majesty of Halong Bay. Uniquely, the cruise carries an eco-friendly mission that encourages staff & travellers khổng lồ manage waste properly.

Paradise Peak cruise prides itself on offering opulent interior and upscale experience. Travelers can expect abundant dining options & a variety of stimulating programs. This hi-end wooden junk specializes in visiting popular tourist attractions on Halong cất cánh so that tourists can both soak up the rustic feeling, spectacular stalagmites and stalactites, and delve into the local cultures.

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It's difficult khổng lồ say which is the best cruise in Halong Bay, as it depends on your personal preferences, budget & travel style. However, you can find the best cruise in Halong cất cánh by considering the following factors:

Quality of the boat: Look for a cruise with a high-quality boat that is well-maintained and equipped with modern amenities.Itinerary: Consider the itinerary of the cruise and choose one that includes activities và destinations (Halong bay, Lan Ha bay và Bai Tu Long bay) that interest you.Food and service: Read đánh giá and find out about the chất lượng of the food và service provided on the cruise.Price: Compare prices & find a cruise that fits within your budget.Reviews and ratings: Read nhận xét and kiểm tra the ratings of the cruise on travel websites such as TripAdvisor, or

Some of the most popular cruises in Halong bay are:

Orchid Classic CruisesParadise Elegance CruiseCapella CruisesHeritage Cruise Binh ChuanStellar of the SeasElite of the SeasLa Siesta Superyacht (To be launched in April, 2023)

There are several ways to lớn book a Halong bay cruise:

Online: You can book a cruise online through various travel websites, such as,, Expedia, or TripAdvisor. These sites allow you to compare prices, read reviews, & book your cruise directly.Directly with a cruise operator: You can book a cruise directly with a cruise operator. Most cruises have their own websites where you can find information about their cruises, prices, and availability. Be aware of fake official cruise websites!Local travel agencies: Alternatively, you can book a cruise through a local travel agency. Many travel agencies in Vietnam offer cruise booking, và they can help you find the right cruise for you.Upon arrival: It is possible to book a cruise upon arrival in Vietnam. Many tour operators have booths at the airports & in popular tourist areas such as Hanoi old quarter, Cat ba island, & Tuan Chau island, where you can book a cruise directly.

Tips: It's recommended that you book your cruise in advance, especially during peak season lớn ensure availability và to get the best deals.

Lan Ha cất cánh is a popular destination for a variety of cruise lines, such as Peony Cruises, Orchid Cruises, Heritage Cruises Binh Chuan, & Mon Cherry Cruises.

Elite of the Seas is the latest luxurious cruise ship in Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay, which was launched in October 2022. In 2023 several cruises will debut, promising guests even more luxurious choices. This includes Indochine Premium Cruise (March 2023), La Siesta Superyacht (May 2023), Ambassador Cruise II (September 2023), khổng lồ name a few.

Halong cất cánh is known for its luxury cruises, but there are no true "6 star" cruises in Halong bay as there is no official rating system for cruise ships in Vietnam. However, there are several luxury cruises that offer high-end amenities và services that are comparable to lớn those of a 6-star cruise. These cruises typically feature spacious & well-appointed cabins, fine dining, spa làm đẹp services, và various recreational activities. Some of the best luxury cruise lines in Halong bay include:

Heritage Cruise Binh Chuan: Unveils the premier Vietnamese boutique cruise experience on the Red River and the Gulf of Tonkin.

Orchid Classic Cruises: Offers an unparalleled experience with its 5-star services, allowing passengers to uncover the enigmatic charm of the bays.

Stellar of The Seas: The pioneering cruise company that launched the exclusive cruise itinerary through Ha Long Bay và Lan Ha Bay.

Ambassador Cruises: The largest luxury cruise in Halong Bay, offers 46 top-notch first-class cabins complete with a magnificent collection of premium facilities.

There are many luxury cruises in Halong cất cánh that parallel the intercontinental mega-cruise in terms of services và luxury. For best luxury cruise for couples, you can take a look at exclusive cabin on Orchid Cruise, or senior suite on Stellar of the Seas. If you prefer a smaller cruise boat which allows better privacy and intimacy, you can take Paradise Peak or Orchid Premium Cruise.

If you have the budget, we recommend you consider the cruises with butler service where the cruise staff can help you baby sit your kids và you can have some time on your own. Cruises with butler service includes Hera Cruise, Orchid Premium and Paradise Peak. However if you need a more budget-friendly option, you can consider Azalea Cruise - the only cruise that has both connecting cabins and kid play room.

Generally there are many cruise options & you do not have khổng lồ book too long in advance. However December is the peak travel season in Halong Bay & the top choices are always fully booked well in advance so we recommend you to lớn book your trip at least 3 months in advance to lớn guarantee space.

In general, all cruise fares already include transportation, accommodation, food and entrance fee. However drinks are not included & you may also take part in the paid activities on board such as spa làm đẹp or bar services. You may expect to spend extra $20-100/person for your cruise trip. Also you bởi vì not need khổng lồ bring too much cash as all cruises accept payment by credit card.

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The number of cruises grow by month & at the moment there are over 500 boats operating in Halong Bay, both overnight and for day trip purpose. These boat spread over 3 different terminals/ piers (Tuan Chau, Got và Hon Gai) with different cấp độ of luxuries và capacities. It is best that you read some online nhận xét to pick the best value one instead of waiting until the day before your trip & get a random choice.