How To Get From Sapa To Ha Giang Vietnam?

Know before you goIf you want to avoid the hustle and bustle of bus travel between Ha Giang khổng lồ Sapa, you can take a minivan. The van does personal pick ups & drop offs from your hotel. This is a smaller vehicle but it will bring you closer khổng lồ the beautiful Vietnamese scenery on the way.

Know before you goThe bus from Ha Giang to Sapa is a sleeper bus, in which you can stretch out your legs và relax on the six hour journey. For both departure times, you’ll have to lớn arrange overnight accommodation for yourself in Sapa. On the bus there’s air conditioning and WiFi.

Know before you goThere is 1 operator that run from Ha Giang lớn Sapa. If you decide lớn take a car, you can take the Standard option.

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STANDARD car BY quang quẻ GIANG

About the ride from Ha Giang to lớn Sapa

The northernmost region of Vietnam, Ha Giang, is also one of the poorest & many travelers will experience rural life here after crossing the border from China. This is where you"ll discover mountain trails leading through river valleys and forested hillsides. Guided walking tours of the area are essential and will help you learn more about the folklore myths & legends related lớn the natural limestone caves and grottoes.

Once you"re ready to lớn leave the region và head deeper into Vietnam, there"s only one road to lớn take that leads southwest from Ha Giang to Sapa. This is another of Vietnam"s trekking hot spots và you"ll be treated khổng lồ some sumptuous views of rice terraces surrounding mountain villages & cozy tea houses.

When traveling the 235 kilometer (146 mile) distance from Ha Giang khổng lồ Sapa, you have three options: you can take a sleeper bus which takes about 7 hours; you can take a luxury minivan which takes around 6 hours; or you can book a private car, và driver, which also takes 6 hours. All of these transport options have air-conditioning và will make regular bathroom breaks.

Given the time it takes lớn reach Sapa from Ha Giang, your best bet if you"re on a budget is the sleeper bus. Not only will you have more chance of catching some shut eye but you"ll also be saving money on accommodation. & there"s nothing an early morning Sapa coffee won"t fix to get you ready to face the day after a ride through the night.

What khổng lồ see when traveling from Ha Giang to Sapa

Both Ha Giang & Sapa are situated in Vietnam"s mountainous north. Sapa, which can be found in Lao Cai Province, is especially scenic with vast rice terraces spreading across mountain slopes và bordered by lush green forested hillsides and valleys. The area is also culturally rich, too, & you might well pass by roadside communities on the ride from Ha Giang khổng lồ Sapa.

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Of course, what you can see from your window will rely heavily upon which time of day you mix off. Daytime trips in a private car allow you to experience the gorgeous green countryside. Evening departures, on the other hand, will mainly take place in the dark but you might be lucky enough to lớn experience the sunrise over the Hoang Lien Son mountains as you make the final approach to lớn Sapa. It"s well worth staying awake just lớn see the day starting on the rice terraces and the streets surrounding Sapa.

How to lớn get from Ha Giang lớn Sapa

Taking a bus

Taking an overnight sleeper bus ride in Vietnam is a classic traveler experience và bound khổng lồ live long in the memory whether you get a good night"s rest or not. The semi-reclining seats are comfortable although slightly narrow. There will be enough space to lớn stretch out your legs but don"t expect much in the way of elbow room. Buses are air-conditioned which is a blessing and a curse – just make sure to pack a sweater or warm hoodie khổng lồ avoid the extra cool temperatures.

As buses making the journey from Ha Giang to lớn Sapa don"t have onboard bathrooms they will make regular stops for comfort breaks. This is a good opportunity khổng lồ stretch your legs & perhaps purchase some provisions for the on-going journey. Bottled water is often complimentary on bus rides. One of the best reasons to take an overnight sleeper bus is that you don"t have to lớn pay for an additional night"s accommodation. Và the money you save can be spent on something far more exciting, lượt thích a full body massage in one of Sapa"s spa làm đẹp resorts.

Taking a minivan

The option to lớn take a luxury minivan gives you more peace and quiet as well as more flexibility when it comes to departure times. Minivans are air-conditioned and reclining seats are comfortable. Bottled water will usually be supplied but you will also be making regular rest stops along the route from Ha Giang to lớn Sapa. If you"re looking to save money then you can chia sẻ the cost of a minivan with other travelers. If you prefer to lớn spend a little more for privacy you can book a private minivan and have all that extra space to lớn yourself.

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Driving with a private car

Hiring a oto in Vietnam always comes with its own driver as it"s not possible to rent a oto in Vietnam unless you are a Vietnamese national. Drivers usually speak English & might also be able khổng lồ give you more information about the surrounding countryside; although don"t expect a complete guided tour.

You might also benefit from listening lớn lots of the driver"s favorite tunes on the sound system, which can be quite an enjoyable experience or not, as the case may be. Standard cars are air-conditioned and will make regular bathroom & food breaks. You also get to lớn decide when you leave and can organize khách sạn pick up và drop off, which is much more flexible than opting for a bus ride.