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The Gardens by the Bay are part of a huge project designed lớn make Singapore a greener đô thị. With three waterfront gardens set on different sides of the cất cánh, visitors can explore outdoor gardens full of local plants và indoor Cooled Conservatories, which are home khổng lồ flora from colder parts of the world. You’ll also see the impressive Supertree Grove, can climb the OCBC Skyway, or take your children lớn play in the Far East Organization Children’s Garden.

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The Gardens by the Bay are just as beautiful after dark as they are during the day, with nightly light shows mix to music among the Supertree Grove sầu và stunning light displays throughout the other conservatories as well.
Visit the Supertree Grove! The supertrees are vertical gardens which range from 82 feet lớn 160 feet high and which fulfill several functions such as cooling, lighting, và the collection of rainwater. They’re also stunningly beautiful, và you can get up cchiến bại by climbing the OCBC Skyway.
If you want khổng lồ go on a self-guided tour then trail maps are available for SDG1 from the stores in the Gardens. There are options which take from under 2 hours to those which take more than 4 hours. An audio guide for the Cooled Conservatories is also available to rent in English, Mandarin, và Japanese.
Download the Gardens by the Bay tiện ích, available for iOS và Android devices, for a GPS bản đồ of the park, games, và interactive activity trails! The tiện ích is available in English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, và Japanese.
The Gardens by the Bay are a project that combines art và nature, with the goal of making Singapore a greener city. The garden project began in 2006 when a worldwide competition began khổng lồ thiết kế the gardens, with two winners selected. The ground was broken in 2007 & the first phase of the gardens was opened in 2011. The gardens are continuously being extended và updated, so there’s always something new to lớn discover! The Outdoor Gardens are không tính phí to lớn visit và feature native plants, or plants from around the world which vì well in Singapore’s climate, and plenty of sculptures from a range of artists. Then there are the two Cooled Conservatories which house plants from colder climates, and the Supertrees, which are both practical and beautiful & can be seen up cthua by taking a walk on the OCBC Skyway. Add restaurants và an extensive sầu area for children in the Far East Organization Children’s Garden & you have sầu an attraction which will take a whole day khổng lồ explore! Read more.
The OCBC Skyway is a 4trăng tròn foot long (128m) path that winds its way around the Supertree Grove, 72 feet (22m) above sầu the ground. Visitors who climb the OCBC Skyway can get up cthua thảm & personal lớn over 150,000 plants, including ferns, orchids, and tropical flowering climbers which cover the Supertrees. You’ll also get a stunning view of the gardens below và the Marina Bay area, which you can enjoy while enjoying drinks and snacks from the Supertree-top Bistro. Read more.

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There are two Cooled Conservatories, the Flower Dome & the Cloud Forest, và they’re the world’s largest columnless greenhouses. The Flower Dome replicates spring in the Mediterranean và other semi-arid regions of the world, from California lớn South Africa & Australia. There’s even a special area dedicated lớn succulents. The Cloud Forest replicates a tropical highlvà region, with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall standing 98 feet (30m) tall. With carnivorous plants, begonias, orchids, & a range of epiphytes (plants which don’t need access lớn the soil to lớn grow), there’s a huge amount lớn learn about. But that’s not all! The Cloud Forest also has galleries which will teach visitors about geology and the impact of humans on the planet since the beginning of the Anthropocene. Read more.
Absolutely! There’s plenty to lớn see và bởi in all of the gardens & conservatories, especially if you download the Gardens by the Bay phầm mềm, but families with children should definitely not miss the Far East Organization Children’s Garden. It’s open every day except Mondays and includes play areas, water play features (bring a change of clothes!), & educational programs which children will enjoy. There’s something for children of all ages khổng lồ discover and delight in. Read more.
Picnics are allowed throughout the gardens, with the exception of inside the conservatories. Please don’t bring any picnic furniture or use any open flames (including lớn barbeque). Please also make sure that you tidy up when you’ve sầu finished eating. There are plenty of dining options if you don’t want to bring a picnic, including food from all kinds of world cuisines. There are a number of cafes scattered around the different gardens và conservatories, or you can try the new Supertree Food Hall, which features everything you could want, from pho and bento khổng lồ US-style fried chicken & all-day brunch. Read more.
That depends on how many areas of the gardens you’d lượt thích lớn see. If you’re planning khổng lồ take one of the Gardens by the Bay’s recommended routes then you have a choice of routes which take between 1 & 5 hours, but there’s no need lớn stay that long if you’d only like khổng lồ see the OCBC Skyway, for example, or the two Cooled Conservatories - the Skyway can be walked in less than an hour and the two conservatories probably take about two hours lớn walk through at a swift sightseer’s pace. However, there’s so much to lớn see that you could easily spover an entire day in the parks và gardens if you wanted khổng lồ. Read more.
The Outdoor Gardens are open from 5 am khổng lồ 2 am daily. The Cooled Conservatories, Floral Fantasy, & OCBC Skyway are open from 9 am to 9 pm daily, with final ticket sales and admission at 8 pm. The Far East Organization Children’s Garden is open from 10 am lớn 7 pm from Tuesday to Friday, with final admission at 6.30 pm. At weekends and on public holidays the children’s garden is open from 9 am to lớn 9 pm, with the last admission at 8.30 pm. The children’s garden is closed on Mondays.


Gardens by the Bay18 Marina Gardens DriveSingapore 018953


Entry to the Outdoor Gardens & the Far East Organization Children’s Garden is không tính phí of charge. Standard entry khổng lồ the Cooled Conservatories costs SGD28 for adults và SGD15 for children aged between 3 and 12. Standard tickets for Floral Fantasy cost SGDtrăng tròn for adults và SGD12 for children, & tickets for the OCBC Skyway cost SGD8 for adults và SGD5 for children. Further discounts are available for Singapore residents, including special prices for senior citizens. Audio tours of the gardens are available every 15 minutes và cost SGD8 for adults and SGD3 for children. Children under the age of 3 can enter all the gardens không lấy phí of charge.

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The closest train station is Bayfront MRT Station, which is served by the Circle & Downtown lines. The Gardens by the Bay are also served by bus number 400, which departs from Tanjong Pagar MRT Station (East-West line). There are 5 nearby parking lots where you can leave sầu your vehicle for a fee of SDG0.03 per minute up lớn a daily limit of SDG25.