The 10 best hotels in ganh dau, phu quoc, vietnam


With the untouched charming beauty, Phu Quoc island tours are one of the most popular journeys in Vietnam. Being about 30 kilometers from Duong Dong central town, Ganh Dau cape is truly suitable for those who are looking for something less crowded & noisy. The life here is peaceful và there is a particular charm that can’t be found outside. Truthfully, there are lots of things khổng lồ explore in the scenic Ganh Dau cape, which are worth trying.

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Where is Ganh Dau cape?

Ganh Dau cape is situated in the Northern part of Phu Quoc Isl& where primitive forests, mountains, và seas still remain intact. From Duong Dong town that is the capital of Phu Quoc isl& district, visitors head to baông chồng up the Northern islvà. Getting out of a bit crowded center, tourists can see red soil roads through many tranquil villages and Phu Quoc National Park as well. Compared to the South, the Northern part of Phu Quoc Islvà is sparsely populated và much more deserted. However, its natural beauty never is inferior & Ganh Dau is a great example. Here is a bow beach stretching over 500 meters, lined with the coconut trees và shielded by two mighty mountains.

The shape of Phu Quoc Islvà looks like a fishtail wagging. The fish opens its mouth wide. That mouth is Ganh Dau where the primary forest is stopped in front of the Trắng sandy beaches và the magnificent rochồng field opening the vast sky lớn the ocean.


The stunning beautyof Ganh Dau

What khổng lồ explore in Ganh Dau?

From Phu Quoc lớn Ganh Dau cape, travelers can go in two ways. You can rent a motorcycle và depart from Duong Dong town khổng lồ run baông chồng up the Northern Islvà, pass Phu Quoc forest & keep going toward the northwest direction lớn reach Ganh Dau beach. Otherwise, another choice is to lớn take the boat out of Phu Quoc. Visitors can choose the western route that Rach Tram to enjoy the attractive sầu natural beauty along the way.

The way to lớn Ganh Dau is exciting. When you are out of the busy Duong Dong town, you will be on the red dirt paths along the peaceful villages. Along both sides of the path is the vast pepper farms running along Statue Park's slopes in the territory of Cua Duong, Cua Can commune. Going about trăng tròn kilometers further in the long road, you will catch the primeval forest belonging to lớn Phu Quoc National Park that is considered as the valuable forest of the Southern islvà that is the trang chủ lớn the extremely rich system of flora & fauna. With an area of over 8700 hectares, here visitors will be overwhelmed by the majestic mountains & the immense evergreen trees.

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Located on the west of Ganh Dau cape & on the east of Rach Tram, Ganh Dau beach is framed by the high hills including Mount Bai Dai & Ham Rong. This is renowned for its revolutionary past since it was the spot where Nguyen Trung Truc used to phối a base nearby to fight off the French invaders. Being 32 kilometers away from the Duong Dong capital makes Ganh Dau become the real "bachồng of beyond'' since it is the furthest point from the developed center of Phu Quoc island district. However, this is what makes Ganh Dau distinctive & cool. Here, visitors can easily see the herds of cattle of the fishermen wandering as well as boys are busy with their boats on the shore.

When visiting Ganh Dau cape, the most interesting thing to vì chưng may be swimming và seeing the borderland between Vietnam and Cambodia. Standing on Ganh Dau cape, visitors can watch Ta Lon mountain of Cambodia. If you wish to explore, you can rent boats to lớn visit two islands offshore: Ban & Txuất xắc Boi islands.


Ganh Dau Cape scene

Setting foot on Ganh Dau, travelers can visit Nguyen Trung Truc Temple that was established lớn commemorate Nguyen Trung Truc who is a leader of the opposite chiến dịch of the 1860s against the French colonial administration.

In Ganh Dau, the breathtaking natural beauty seems to be more obvious than ever. It's easy lớn realize the deep blue sea and the golden smooth sand beaches, all of which face to the setting sun when you stand right in front of the zone of Ganh Dau.

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Ganh Dau houses plenty of corals especially in the Txuất xắc Boi island that is surrounded by the shallow reef full of marine creatures. This is truly an ideal spot for snorkeling. Moreover, Ganh Dau owns rochồng và several kinds of fish, especially red grouper. Marine specialties which are caught by the local fisherman are extremely fresh và cheap. After sightseeing, swimming and playing happily, you can buy some seafood such as prawn, fish, squid, etc from the fishermen và ask them how khổng lồ process or have sầu them cook for you. In return, you can pay them a small amount of money. The local people are friendly & kind-hearted. You will be surely impressed by their kindness & enthusiast. Another choice is to lớn visit a beachfront restaurant and find out how fabulous it is to lớn enjoy the exquisite flavor of the fresh seafood in the cool và relaxing atmosphere of the sea.

Being one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam, Phu Quoc tour is always on the bucket menu of any tourists when visiting the S-shaped lvà. With the pristine picturesque natural sceneries and the exciting activities of sea exploration, Ganh Dau cape will surely leave a svào impression on you once you set foot on it. Let’s visit Ganh Dau cape and get the marvelous moments.

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