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Traditionally called minazuki, "the month of water," June gets more rainfall than other months as the rainy season sets in và sweeps upward through yenbaitourism.com.vn. As with cherry blossom season, rainy season begins và ends earlier in the south và starts later và lasts longer in the north. Hokkaido


The yenbaitourism.com.vnese word for the rainy season, tsuyu or "plum rain," refers lớn a period when plums ripen on trees as rice fields around rural yenbaitourism.com.vn are flooded by rain. This time of year determines the rice harvest, & is, in a sense, the lifeline for yenbaitourism.com.vn"s populace. Another noticeable benefit of the season can be seen in the luminous hydrangeas which flourish in the damp weather.

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Not all rainy seasons are created equal though: with low annual rainfall, Hokkaido sees a minimal increase during raining season, while the southern islands of Kyushu


Just north of Ginza, Ueno



With world class facilities all around the country, nhật bản claims one of the most highly developed aquarium cultures in the world. The Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa is the biggest và most highly regarded in yenbaitourism.com.vn.

yenbaitourism.com.vn"s highly-regarded aquarium, Churaumi / Photo credit: Okinawa Commemorative National Government Park (Ocean Expo Park)

But you needn"t go all that way for a first rate experience. Tokyo and other major cities naturally have a variety of options. Tokyo"s Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukuro is an interesting choice on the top floor of Sunshine City"s World Import Mart Building.

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Iwaki City"s Aquamarine Fukushima facility deserves special mention as one of yenbaitourism.com.vn"s largest and most lavish aquariums, having reopened four months after the tsunami in 2011. Osaka , Nagoya , Kyoto , & Hiroshima all showroom to this long list.

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Already a popular destination on its own merits, Hokkaido sees its stock rise in June due khổng lồ its comparatively low rainfall. Sapporo hosts two major festivals in rapid succession with the Yosakoi Soran Festival bringing colorful nhảy đầm processions to lớn Odori Park (early khổng lồ mid-June) and the three day Hokkaido Shrine Festival starting on June 14.

Many of Hokkaido"s National Parks are at their best in June, and most high-altitude trails open then for the hiking season. Rishiri and Rebun islands, off the most northern tip of Hokkaido are particularly beautiful with rare alpine flowers beginning khổng lồ bloom.

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