Động Ngườm Ngao cave is a beautiful & surprisingly large cave sầu near Ban Gioc waterfalls. It is not that well know, và located at the end of a little dirt road off TL206. Even though it is not on everybody’s radar, I would highly recommkết thúc adding a visit to this cave when heading lớn Ban Gioc.

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Động Ngườm Ngao Cave

The entrance of the cave is in a valley surrounded by karst hills, with fields dotted around them. From the ticket booth you follow the path through an “opening” between hills, và then reach the cave’s entrance. They kiểm tra tickets here, và you can buy some water from some of the vendors (you need it). However, it is not as busy with vendors as Ban Gioc is.



Entering the cave sầu, you can enjoy the sudden drop of temperature after coming in from the May heat. Tough, you can feel the humidity very quickly. No torches are needed for this cave. There are lights on the walls throughout the cave, providing enough light lớn walk safely. But at least it is not cheesy as other caves I visited. You just follow a path, & I doubt you could really get lost here. It has a nice set-up for visitors.

From the entrance a first steps are the first indication that you go downhill for a bit. The ceiling of the cave sầu is not too high, but not low either. Stalactites & stalagmite providing some interesting sights, and you pass some interesting roông chồng formation. After a while the ceiling suddenly looks much lower, seemingly offering less space. Here is the first time you have sầu to pass through some smaller openings, where you either have sầu to lớn watch your head, or even crouch through some smaller openings. If you have mobility issue, the cave sầu isn’t really for you.



The path continues leading you through the inside of the mountain, bringing you further down, before climbing a few stairs up again. With the different sizes of the chambers & beautiful rochồng formation it would be difficult not to enjoy this cave.


Cave chamber with the Cactus Stones

Soon enough you will reach one of the highlights of the cave sầu – a massive sầu chamber with a large ceiling, & in the middle two rocks looking lượt thích a cactus tree. A human really looks tiny in comparison khổng lồ these rocks. For me this is the most impressive section of the cave sầu. it is just stunning, beautiful. This is a time where you can just wonder how this was all created.

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From the massive chamber you continue following the path with the high ceiling. The path suddenly narrows, with both walls coming closer together, offering an impressive sầu site with the beautiful stalactites and stalagmite.

The path leads to another famous part of the cave – the silver tree. It is a single rochồng with a shape of a tree standing in the middle of the path. The silvery colour of the rock gives it the name. Surrounded is the tree by several rocks that look lượt thích mushroom, giving the area the suitable name of the Garden. Looking around you really can let your imagination run away. Some rocks look like vegetables, others like a dog.

From here the path continues to asckết thúc, & soon enough leaving the cave. You come out of the mountain above the entrance area, providing a nice view of the fields. Stairs will lead you down to the valley, where you can make your way out.

Overall, it is a very impressive sầu cave, and I didn’t expect it to lớn be that large. It took me over 45 minutes to lớn walk through it. I didn’t rush through & enjoyed the view inside the mountain. But it highlights that this is not a small cave. A visit lớn the cave sầu should be a must when you are in the area. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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Food & Drinks

While you can buy some drinks và some fruit, I didn’t see many food options near the entrance of the cave sầu. It might be busier during the day. Otherwise you need to lớn head khổng lồ Ban Gioc falls or to lớn the village in the west.