First timer's guide to ba na hills, da nang


Just a 45-minute car ride away from Da Nang is a beautiful hilltop resort perched atop a mountain the middle of Vietnam. Ba Na Hills is famous for its French village with buildings that look like medieval castles, a majestic Golden Bridge, popular hubs of endless entertainment và more.

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If you’ve never considered Ba Na Hills as a travel destination, you’ll soon want to add it into lớn your menu after learning about this magnetic place. So keep reading on and find out what adventure lies ahead in this mountain top resort.


Located in Da Nang, Ba Na Hills is a popular destination for many travellers who visit the đô thị. If you’re looking lớn make a day trip khổng lồ Ba Na Hills from Da Nang, the most convenient way is to get a private car charter.

With a comfortable ride & a knowledgeable driver, you can get to your destination without a hitch. Instead of a private oto charter, there are also many Ba Na Hills day tours you can opt for.

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Then, khổng lồ reach the hilltop Ba Na Hills Resorts, visitors get to lớn take the picturesque cable car. In fact, it holds several Guinness World Records. The best part, of course, is the surrounding views of the lush forest leading up to your destination.

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Premier Golden Bridge, Ba Na Hills Day Tour with Cable Car Experience


7:30am-8am piông xã up at hotel in Da Nang City center9am arrive at Ba Na Hills and take cable car transferGolden Bridge, L"Jardin D"Amour, Tinch Tam Garden, French StableLinc Ung Pagoda, Loc Uyen Garden, Quan Am Pavilion11:30am Decất cánh Station và Nui Chua Peak12pm enjoy a lunch Búp Phê of over 100 dishes at a restaurant in Ba Na Hills1:30pm Fantasy Park, Wax Statue Museum (optional) or không tính phí & easyLinch Chua Linch Tu Temple4:30pm-5pm take cable oto transfer & depart for Da Nang thành phố center6pm-6:30pm end of tour, drop off at khách sạn in Da Nang đô thị center

1. Golden Bridge

One of the attractions that took the world by storm since its opening is the Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills. Something that looks straight out of a fairytale, the striking footbridge is cradled by two massive sầu stone hands. Made khổng lồ look lượt thích an ancient ruin, the hands emerge from the thiông xã forests covered in moss & cracks.

The 150-metre-long bridge gives visitors plenty of space khổng lồ take in the scenic views. Join a private custom day tour which includes a visit to the Golden Bridge & learn more along the way with an optional English-speaking tour guide.

2. French Village

The main attraction of the Ba Na Hills Resort is the French-style village with its cobblestoned streets và Parisian-style architecture. Built at mountaintop, this French village does not only look the part but feels the part as well with its cool weather.

When evening time rolls around, the resort is filled with misty air và thiông chồng fogs which adds more to its allure. To best experience French village, you can opt lớn stay overnight in one of the beautiful resorts và enjoy the different views at every hour.

3. Le Jardin D’Amour

One of the most visited spot in Ba Na Hills is Le Jardin D’Amour, home page to lớn 9 different flower gardens. From a sea of violet arapang flowers in Mo Spring Garden khổng lồ colourful blooms of Heaven Garden & more.

Get lost in the labyrinth of the Secret Garden và taste the fruits of labour from the 100-year-old Debay Ancient Wine Cellar attached lớn the Grape Garden. Make sure to lớn have sầu your camera ready for plenty of the perfect phokhổng lồ op moments!

4. Fantasy Park

A chất lượng indoor entertainment zone in Ba Na Hills, Fantasy Park is a great place to spover the day with the family. Designed with inspirations from the popular novels from famous French author Jules Verne, Fantasy Park is full of exciting activities & games.

Walk through the mystical Fairy Forest, conquer the heart-racing 29 metres Free-Fall Tower, or try something that interests you from the over 90 không tính tiền games. To experience a theatre experience lượt thích no other, there’s also the 3 chiều mega 360-degree cinema that’s first of its kind in the whole of Vietnam!

5. Linh Ung Pagoda

Despite the French influence in this hilltop resort, you can still find a charming touch of the local culture. The Linh Ung-Ba Na is one of three Linh Ung pagodas in Da Nang is also the highest one at approximately 1,500 metres above sea màn chơi.

One of the most striking features is the 27m white Shakyamuni statue. Besides that, the pagoda also has a great vantage point to lớn overlooks the French village nestled in the jungle.

More things khổng lồ vị in Ba Na Hills

Aside from the highlighted attractions mentioned above, Ba Na Hills still has plenty of other things to vị. From the Wax Statue Museum to lớn Tombstone Temple, Alpine Coaster, Funicular and more, you can enjoy them with a Ba Na Hills admission ticket.

Arapang restaurant

After a tiring day of exploring the French village, it’s time lớn treat yourself to a buffet. Arapang serves a wide variety local favourites as well as specialties from the traditional pho lớn various stir-fry dish, crab meat soup and more.

These are just a few dishes from the Arapang sample thực đơn. Aside from hot foods, there are also desserts và drinks. Whatever your preference, you can definitely find something you like. If you get a full bộ with an admission ticket, it’s inclusive of a lunch voucher at Arapang.

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