chrisphái nam , I was in Da Nang in February. Neat place.I am not sure about VIPhường massages other than that many of the hotels on the beach side around the My Khe beach area vì chưng offer a mas sa service, though reading some other forums the Review are patchy at best. So tread carefully with these ones (if you vì chưng go, please nói qua your experiences).I went for a wander around the streets cthua trận to lớn My Khe beach particularly around Hồ Nghinh Street và there were many guys sitting on bikes whistling out and waving me across khổng lồ take a look. Now forgive sầu me as I forgot the name but there is a mas sa siêu thị I walked into lớn that was in between Kangaroo Bar và Burger and Non La Seafood Restaurant (both great by the way) on the same side of the road. The guy was sitting inside, và as soon as I walked in he grabbed me a ice tea & sat down with me và asked exactly what I wanted. So I listed that I wanted a good mát xa with options or a bbbj and/or FS. he gets on his phone & starts organising a girl lớn come to lớn the store (I learned later this massage cửa hàng was part of a chain which use a group of up khổng lồ đôi mươi girls). He asks me what age, shape, english or non english speaking I was after. Told hyên my preferences và that he asked that I want 5 minutes. 5 minutes pass & a motorxe đạp arrives out the front, 2 girls are on it. straight away I can see the yare both fit và young, about 25. The first girl, who catches my eye immediately, is Hoa, 26 from Da Nang. And she speaks mid-cấp độ english. The other girl, Thao was 24 and appeared really shy. So the decision made itself really. I followed Hoa upstairs và spent an hour with her, we showered together, then she gave me a decent mát xa followed by B2B rub down, then a smooth BBBJ with the offer for a 69 (I accepted, but only played with her trimmed pussy and clit) và then we got down to business. Halfway through she even asked me if I wanted lớn have sầu sex barebaông chồng, which I kindly said no. Also gave sầu me the option to lớn blow while in her (covered) or pull it out và finish COF.Great girl, the damage for the massage from memory was 350K VND, và her tip was 800K VND, which I gave sầu her an extra 200K VND because it was that good. I"m not overly familiar with the prices in Da Nang though I have sầu been told they"re a bit lighter than HCMC. I had her Line/We Chat for a while but sadly she dropped out after a few months. We did catch up for lunch by the beach before I left, then had one last hurrah at my hotel which she said was không tính tiền, though I gave her some money regardless.Just walk into lớn these mas sa places and ask, it doesn"t cost anything. I would never had met Hoa if I didn"t walk in & see what was available. If I hear of any good VIP massages I"ll let you know.Happy punting.M

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Thanks. We learned something new.Danang is absolutely beautiful and so are the people that live there. 1.3 Million population, with everything, nicer, lighter, as compared khổng lồ crowded HCMC Saigon at 8-10 Million inhabitants.