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Exclusive for members, Online Check-in allows you to check in for your flight even before you arrive at the airport. A completely hassle-không tính tiền experience, simply see your e-ticket on My Booking, then go lớn the Online Check-in menu, fill in your check-in details, then tap Check-in. You will see your boarding pass through your e-ticket & tin nhắn.
Enjoy a selection of food, WiFi, television, newspapers & magazines, workstations, massage chairs, & more at an airport lounge while waiting for your flight. When you kiểm tra in online at, select the Airport Services section, choose your airport, & book your access to your preferred lounge.
Take extra care of the items you’ve packed with thichồng & waterproof plastic at the airport baggage wrap counters. When you check in online at, select the Airport Services section, choose your airport, và book your baggage wrap voucher from your preferred baggage wrap counter.
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With a headquarter in Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietphái mạnh, và hubs in four airports, VietJet Air is a Vietnam-origin airline offering a budget concept for international flights. With the khẩu hiệu "Bay la thich ngay!", which means "Enjoy flying!", VietJet Air serves 53 routes with its 45 fleets. VietJet Air offers three types of class, consisting of Promo Class, Eteo Class & Skyboss khủng Class. In the past six years of its operation, the airline has received several accolades including Best Asian Low-Cost Carrier and Top đôi mươi Sustainable Brands năm ngoái.

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First launched in 2011, the VietJet Air Eteo Class is also known as the standard economy class, signifying the dedication of the airline khổng lồ prove sầu itself as one of Asia’s best low-cost carriers. Available on the Airbus A3trăng tròn aircraft, Eteo Class provides comfortable seats khổng lồ ensure a pleasant experience during the flight. Passengers may also choose their seats at an additional cost.

Eteo Class passengers can order & enjoy the food & beverages offered on board. A danh sách of palatable menus are provided onboard. However, passengers are required khổng lồ pay extra for the meals. To save sầu up on the on-board meals, passengers can order their meals in advance until 36 hours before departure and get a special giảm giá from the airline.

Deluxe Class is a newly-launched hàng hóa designed for individuals who choose Vietjet for eco flights, multiple options for itinerary & flight departure. Plus, Vietjet provides reasonable airfare together with friendly, young flight attendants as well as new và modern fleets. Deluxe cộ Class passengers are allowed 7 kg carry-on và đôi mươi kilogam miễn phí checked baggage, prioritized on check-in procedure and seat selection as well. In addition, Deluxe pháo Class passengers are able khổng lồ change their flight dates, routes không tính phí of charge & get a package of flight insurance - Deluxe Flight Care.

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Deluxe pháo Class passengers can order và enjoy the food and beverages offered on board. A menu of palatable menus are provided onboard. However, passengers are required khổng lồ pay extra for the meals. To save sầu up on the on-board meals, passengers can order their meals in advance until 36 hours before departure and get a special khuyễn mãi giảm giá from the airline.

Skytrùm cuối Class provides passengers with extravagant facilities và services, such as Credit shell within 02 (two) years entitled to passenger for unused ticket or in case of no-show, private 24/7 support, birthday gifts & gifts for accompanied children, comfort kit 3 in 1 (applicable on flights from 4 hours and above) & many other great đơn hàng. This is the class for those who want to lớn experience the ultimate service from VietJet Air’s professional attendants.Since the newest nâng cấp in September 2020, Skyquái thú Class passengers are also granted several other privileges, such as priority check-in và seat selection, priority security kiểm tra & immigration procedures, và a private car transporting lớn the aircraft. Each Skytrùm cuối passenger is allowed 10 kg of carry-on baggage & a maximum không lấy phí 30 Kg of checked baggage và 01 golf club phối under 15 Kg (if any). Passengers will also enjoy VIP lounge services at domestic & international airports, delicious food & drinks throughout the flight and get a Complimentary Skytrùm cuối Flight Care. In addition, Skyboss khủng Class passengers can change their flight schedule up until three hours before departure at no extra cost.

Skyquái dị provides passengers with a palatable menu to be savored onboard. A wide selection of hot meals are available, rich with authentic Vietnamese flavors. Passengers can take a delight on crab & shrimp fried vermicelli noodles, stewed beef noodles, Vietnamese steamed cake with pork floss, BBQ grilled pork skewers, và many more.

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The airport lounge facility is given only khổng lồ Skytrùm cuối passengers. The facilities include a quiet room with luxurious interior design khổng lồ support passengers’ comfort & privacy, không tính phí internet access, a wide variety of newspapers và magazines, and a diverse thực đơn of food và beverages. In addition, passengers in the airport lounge will be served entirely by the professional staffs of VietJet Air, ready to lớn tover to lớn the passengers’ every need.

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