Da lat to nha trang ➡️ bus schedule + tickets


The journey by bus from Dalat lớn Nha Trang takes 4 hours with a private bus service, và up lớn 6 hours with a local bus service which will be very cheap but stop continuously on route picking up và dropping off customers.

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Bus Times from Dalat lớn Nha Trang

There are currently 8 bus services a day from Dalat to Nha Trang available to lớn book online.

DalatNha TrangCostCompany
08:0012:00$ 8Phuong Trang
09:0013:00$ 8Phuong Trang
10:0014:00$ 8Phuong Trang
11:3015:30$ 8Phuong Trang
12:3016:30$ 8Phuong Trang
14:0018:00$ 8Phuong Trang
15:0019:00$ 8Phuong Trang
16:0020:00$ 8Phuong Trang
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Dalat Phuong Trang Bus Stop

Phuong Trang bus services from Dalat khổng lồ Nha Trang depart from Phường 3, tp Đà Lạt, Lam Dong, Vietnam.

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Hon Khoi Salt Fields near Nha Trang

Hon Khoi Salt Fields is a large area on the coast line where salt is harvested using fields separated by low levees which are filled with sea water. This is a large scale labour intensive operation. Although the process involves using the intense sunshine of the hot season from January lớn June (which is the best time lớn visit) to evaporate the sea water leaving salt behind, the task of collecting the salt from the fields is a manual task with hundreds of workers, mostly women, toiling away in the fields every day collecting the salt in baskets suspended on a pole on their shoulders, one basket each side. This is hard work & its generally done between the hours of 04:00 & 09:00 each day before the sun gets too strong. The salt which is taken from the fields in deposited by the workers in huge piles at collection point waiting khổng lồ be taken khổng lồ a factory for processing. There are no restrictions on visiting this area early in the morning khổng lồ watch the work taking place, which is a fascinating sight & one which people from more economically developed countries will find unusual. Lớn visit you need your own transport & to bring everything you might need, especially water, as there are absolutely no facilities for tourists at the Hon Khoi Salt Fields. Aim khổng lồ visit at sunrise as the colours of the landscape are at their most vivid at this time.