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I’m so excited – và a bit proud – lớn bring you the best food in Saigon. I think I exceeded even my own eating expectations while spending 4 days in Saigon, also known as Ho Chi Minch. There were multiple times I caught a 30-minute scooter taxi in the hunt for a great meal, & just as many times I walked 40 minutes home khổng lồ try và offset just how much I’d eaten!

Anyway, I genuinely think I discovered some of the best food in Ho Chi Minh at very affordable prices – and no meal in this danh mục costs more than 90,000 VND (£3). It doesn’t need to; anything higher in price would be at a Western joint và you’d thảm bại the local feel to your meal.

Get set for my Ho Chi Minh food guide…


These mini prawn Vietnamese pancakes are undoubtedly some of the best food in Ho Chi Minc. They’re like mini bánh xèos but lighter & healthier (though maybe I’m fooling myself that lots of little things don’t count). You eat them by rolling them up in a lettuce leaf, adding a little chilli và dunking them in fish sauce. Three members of staff came over khổng lồ tell me I wasn’t using enough fish sauce… Seriously, they love sầu the stuff!Where khổng lồ eat the bestbánh khọt in Saigon: I lovedBánh Khọt Cô Ba Vũng Tàu. This is one of the fancier places in this blog – I still paid less than £3 for dinner & ate with my hands but it was a restaurant rather than a street food joint.

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Price: 80,000 VND (£2.60).

Other Saigon food I wanted lớn try:

As you can tell, I ate A LOT during my time in Saigon so it’s hardly surprising I couldn’t sample absolutely everything. Other dishes that looked good were:

Bột chiên– essentially a fried chip omelette which looked greasy, carby & amazing.

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Banh Mi Op La – this just means a banh mày with omelette, something I’ve sầu had lots of times in Vietphái mạnh but not in Saigon.

Despite the fact that there are a couple of dishes lớn try next time I’m in town, I had a blast eating the best food in Ho Chi Minch. I hope you now have a clear idea of where to lớn eat in Saigon. Did you find anything I missed? Let me know in the comments!