What is the best time khổng lồ travel Sapa, Vietnam and why you should start trekking Sapa in September...

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The North of Vietnam has four seasons but Sapa only has two climate extremes: the cool season in summer - autumn và the cold season in the winter và spring.
The best time lớn trekking in Sapa. Photo:
Vietnamese people lượt thích to explore or relax in Sapa at any time of the year: in the summer, they come here for vacation và get away from the heat in Hanoi
. In the winter, they usually come here khổng lồ see the snow because Vietnam is a country with tropical climate, there is rarely snow.From December to February, there may appear white snow falling on Sapa Town or O Quy Ho Pass and Fansipan mountain that looks lượt thích in China, Japan, South Korea or in Europe (sometimes it’s not the snow and just agglomerated rain)

Sapa, what is the best time to lớn visit?

You can travel khổng lồ Sapa at any time of the year, however, the most appropriate time to come is from March khổng lồ May or from September to November.
What is the best time lớn visit Sapa? Photo: Minh Anh
These are the two perfect time period lớn get the most beautiful weather in Sapa, the most favorable for walking, hiking, trekking & mountain climbing.YOU MAY LIKEHanoi best season khổng lồ travelBest time to lớn visit Halong BayBest time khổng lồ travel Phu QuocNha Trang best time to lớn visitBesides climbing, trekking and walking, this is a time when in Sapa, the terraced fields of grain begin lớn turn yellow, everywhere is covered with yellow grain.Especially, if you get khổng lồ Sapa from April to May(↺), you will get the opportunity to see the valley of beautiful blooming flowers và green fields.

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A child in Ta Van village in Sapa
Trekking to Lao Chai village in Sapa. Photo: vietnamtourism
From March to lớn May, the weather in Sapa is pretty cool, dry night and so cloudy morning that you can feel the clouds are flying in front of you in your hotel room. In particular, this is the time of green rice season, you can admire the rice fields on the terraced stretched green fields.From September to lớn November, Sapa has a beautiful fall, it’s the season of golden-like grain, the sun, dry air, moderately cold. Due to the dry air, little rain, you can walk, trekking down lớn small Ta Phin village và enjoy the amazing beautiful of the terraced fields. Take a night stroll and enjoy the delicious foods in Sapa.
The terraced fields in Sapa in August. Photo: thai Phien
To see the ripe yellow grain on the fields, you should go to Sapa in the period from the over of August và in September (this time is also the autumn in Hanoi and Vietnam).In the winter from December(↺) to lớn February, the weather in Sapa is very cold, especially at night. If you go lớn Sapa at about this time, you can be watching the snow falling. Và this is also the time in Sapa when it is very crowded with tourists, so service prices are usually very expensive.

Best time to lớn trekking in Sapa

Note: The best time to lớn travel và trekking Sapa is from September to November(↺) or from March lớn May. April & May is the time when the ethnic minorities do rice cultivation on the terraced fields.

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The best time of year lớn visit & trekking Sapa, Vietnam. Photo: Pham Ngoc Bang
September và October is ripe grain season, when Sapa is glowing with bright yellow & I lượt thích this time most. I think you will see a Sapa as it put on a new màu sắc - a gold màu sắc all across the hills. But you should go in the middle to lớn the over of September, because in October, many places have been finished harvesting.To see the golden rice, you should go to lớn Sapa in August & September. For trekking, I recommend you coming lớn Sapa in the period of time from September to lớn November.
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