The best restaurants in ho chi minh city, vietnam

These restaurants in Ho đưa ra Minh were recognized by locals and tourists alike, whether it was for their service, atmosphere, or amazing food.

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Formerly known as Saigon, Ho đưa ra Minh has no shortage of informative attractions & interesting landmarks, including the likes of the Cu đưa ra Tunnel, the Reunification Palace, & much more. However, being Vietnam's largest city, teeming with hustle, bustle, và tons of good food options! Ho chi Minh is a foodie paradise that goes beyond the Ben Thanh Market; in fact, the city is home to hundreds (if not thousands) of eateries in the size of restaurants, cafes, bars, và lounges! Offering a range of international cuisines, traditional delights, and Ho đưa ra Minh's best dishes, these restaurants were recognized as some of the top-rated eateries in Ho bỏ ra Minh.

Traveling foodies can enjoy a world of flavors in Ho đưa ra Minh, especially at Baba's Kitchen. Opening its doors in 2011, Baba's Kitchen is one of the first restaurants in the đô thị to serve authentic Indian fare. Enjoy favorites like the incredibly spicy chicken 65, vegetable samosas, tikka kebab, mutton vindaloo, & more, offering dishes from several regions across India. Baba's Kitchen is quite popular for Indian food in Vietnam, with other locations in several cities across Vietnam. What's more, the restaurant serves Thai and Sri Lankan delights too!

Eating healthy during one's travels doesn't have khổng lồ be a chore! When in Ho bỏ ra Minh, venture khổng lồ Hum Vegetarian cà phê and restaurant for healthy plates. The restaurant pride itself in making food using local ingredients, with the chefs preparing each dish by hand without adding MSG. Plus, diners can enjoy their food in a beautiful restaurant setting. Decorated with lush plants và bamboo furnishings, Hum Vegetarian's atmosphere is as beautiful as its healthy, vegetarian-friendly food!

Using local ingredients to craft American-style brew, Pasteur Street Brewing is a fun pub khổng lồ visit on Friday nights in time for the weekend! Located in Ho chi Minh's District 1, beer lovers can sample chất lượng flavors of beer, straight from the tap, from jasmine-infused IPA lớn a passion fruit-infused wheat ale. Plus, this pub offers a range of American-style pub grub, including fried pickles, Nashville hot chicken sandwiches, và much more!

Combine art with food at Propaganda Bistro! This cozy bistro is a great stop to lớn try authentic Vietnamese foods that go beyond favorites like pho và Bahn bao. Don't forget to try their housemade desserts, which are made using local ingredients like coconut, mango, soursop, and passion fruit. Plus, the decor at Propaganda makes this bistro photo-worthy for the Gram!

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Looking for fine wine and dining? Travelers heading lớn Ho bỏ ra Minh should reserve an evening at Le Corto Restaurant. Opening its doors in 2016, this fine-dining establishment serves up Haute French cuisine in sophisticated digs. Delve into their homemade andouillette or indulge in a French pigeon entree for two! This restaurant also offers exquisite wine pairings, holiday specials, & occasional live music on specific dates!

Travelers looking for a quality dining experience will undoubtedly find it at NOIR. Located in District 1, this restaurant is unique for two reasons: One, there is no set menu for diners. Secondly, diners will enjoy their food in the dark. The concept behind NOIR is to lớn provide a novel culinary experience lớn the diner, exploring new foods, flavors, và textures using their senses. Come with an xuất hiện mind, và leave with an empty belly! Prospective diners should lưu ý that their belongings (including cell phones) are placed in a locker, maximizing their culinary experience!

Don't expect to lớn grab brunch here; Banana Mama is reserved for afternoon and evening dining, allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful sunset views of Ho đưa ra Minh as they dine on a rooftop bar! Banana Mama boasts the best rooftop bar in the city, serving signature cocktails with jibing music & shareable food lớn match. Don't forget to lớn sample their kooky cocktails, from their tropical-inspired Cocopanda lớn their refreshing Aperol' Slush.

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Sometimes the best restaurants aren't always the ones with fancy patios or uniquely crafted beers. Instead, these restaurants are no-frills, serving up traditional classics, perfect for sharing and bonding over with, lượt thích Cyclo Resto. Enjoy the home-style offerings of Cyclo Resto while experiencing local hospitality, sampling delights like stewed fish in a clay pot, spring rolls, egg coffee, green melon soup, and lemongrass fried chicken. This restaurant is a great and affordable option for travelers visiting Ho chi Minh with family and groups.

When in Vietnam, get a taste of the Mediterranean and visit Quince Eatery. Owned by chefs Julien Perraudin và Charlie Jones, Quince serves delicious fare in a fine-dining atmosphere while preparing food lớn emanate homemade vibes. Experience the fragrant flavors of Quince's dishes, which are typically made in their in-house wood fire ovens! Sample the menu and try specials lượt thích Quince's lobster miso pasta, Israeli-spiced lamp rump, or their wood-roasted bone marrow with caviar.

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Step away from the busy city and retreat into a restaurant with amazing digs and home-style cooking. The Secret Garden Restaurant and Teahouse Rooftop sits in the city's Old Quarter, adorned with paper lanterns and cozy decor. Here, guests can sample a range of savory & sweet plates alongside their assortment of herbal teas.

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