The 10 Best Restaurants In Hanoi

Much of what you know as Vietnamese cuisine came from Hanoi. This đô thị has a long history of making the most of fine ingredients, packing as much flavour as possible into lớn their simple dishes. Add some amazing international cuisines inkhổng lồ the phối và you have a recipe for some excellent dining experiences.

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As the name would suggest, The Hanoi Social Club is a popular hangout ahy vọng the hip và trendy socialites of Hanoi. They often have sầu musicians in lớn perkhung, which makes for intimate shows in a relaxing atmosphere. The thực đơn centres around Mediterranean cuisine, with many excellent options for vegetarians as well. Whether you’re looking for a spot for brunch or a place to lớn spkết thúc the evening, this is a fine choice.
Located just a short walk from Hanoi’s Old Quarter, the Red Bean Restaurant features superb Vietnamese cuisine in a high-over setting. They have sầu phối menus for different tastes, as well as an à la carte thực đơn with your local favourites – such as bún chả và phsống – và a delicious variety of dishes from around the world. Aside from offering some of the best food in the đô thị, their drinks thực đơn also has all your favourite cocktails, wines & freshly made juices.

Have you ever wondered what snake tastes like? Here’s the place for you khổng lồ try this Vietnamese delicacy. They’re right in Lệ Mật, otherwise known as Snake Village – a popular day-trip destination in Hanoi. You can try snake cooked many different ways: sauteed, fried, steamed or even boiled in a porridge. And when you’re done, wash it all down with a glass of snake whiskey!

The thực đơn at Chả Cá Thăng Long might not include many options, but that’s because you don’t need too many when you eat here. They’ve mastered their few dishes, & have sầu become famous for them. Tourists have been making pilgrimages khổng lồ this restaurant for years to lớn try their chả cá, which speaks volumes about their reputation. People from Hanoi have a long history of excellent cuisine, so come try a place that has stood the thử nghiệm of time.

With briông chồng, wood and a deep, inviting yellow, this classic villa sets the perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy some of the finest seafood in the city – but that’s not all. Their thực đơn is remarkably varied, with a delightful wine section và enough choices lớn keep you coming back again và again. It’s no wonder celebrities dine here, as Home Hanoi elevates the dining experience in this city.

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The Pizza 4P’s brvà in Vietnam is synonymous with fantastic pizza. Their restaurants are all among muốn the best in their respective locations, & you can definitely count on them for consistency. Whenever possible, they source their ingredients locally, working with farmers to lớn produce cheese và toppings for their mouth-watering pizzas. If you have a craving for pizza, don’t settle for just any place. Go khổng lồ Pizza 4P’s for the best.

Don’t get us wrong, we could eat Vietnamese food every day and be perfectly happy – but sometimes you just want a big kebab to really dig your teeth into. For that, look no further than Kebab và Co. They’ve made quite a name for themselves in the past couple of years, becoming one of the go-to restaurants in Hanoi. With great food at reasonable prices, it’s easy khổng lồ see why.

If you’re looking to lớn try some fantastic bún chả – which is grilled pork, vermicelli noodles, veggies & spring rolls – then here’s one of the best spots in the thành phố. They have a long history of serving this famous dish, và they’re only a short walk from Hoan Kiem Lake, so you really have no excuse.

For top of the line Vietnamese cuisine, give Duong’s Restaurant a visit & let them pamper you with world-class service as you enjoy fantastic local dishes. This restaurant makes some of the best local food that you’ll ever taste. And if you want khổng lồ take some of their skills trang chính with you, be sure khổng lồ sign up for one of their acclaimed cooking classes.

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When it comes to contemporary decor, the Essence Restaurant sets the standard in Hanoi. They’re located in the hotel by the same name, which is one of the best in the area and attracts many clients with finer tastes. Their thực đơn features staple Vietnamese dishes, but made with the kind of chất lượng & care that makes Essence Restaurant a must-visit for those looking to lớn enjoy exquisite local cuisine in a classy setting.

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