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Bai Sao beach is one of the most beautiful tropical sandy beaches in Phu Quoc that is very famous for swimming, sunbathing và doing other activities as well. The beach attracts a lot of tourists due khổng lồ its wonderful natural scenery, crystal clear waters, and trắng s& shores. It is truly a must-visit place for tourists when coming to lớn Phu Quoc island.

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Bai Sao beach is one of the most beautiful tropical sandy beaches in Phu Quoc​

Where is Bai Sao beach?

Bai Sao beach is nestled on the coast of An Thoi town, which is about 25 km from the center of Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc island district, Kien Giang province in the southwestern region of Vietnam. This is one of the most worth-visit beaches in Phu Quoc with the smooth sandy shore & blue clear sea water. Setting foot on Bai Sao beach, you will be amazed by the unspoiled beauty of the beach & the gorgeous landscape around.

The beach stretches over 7 km with Trắng smooth sandy shore where it is defined as the whitest and cleanest sand on the isl&. But because of its reputation in recent years, there is a lot of trash in the southern part of the beach. The sea water is calm, warm và extremely xanh, the further you go, the bluer the ocean becomes.

What khổng lồ explore in Bai Sao beach

Of course, the best thing lớn see here is the beauty of the beach. According to lớn local people, the origin of the name Bai Sao is that there are tens of thousands of starfishes moving inlớn the shores as well as under the water surface every night when the dusk falls. Bai Sao beach promises khổng lồ bring the most memorable things khổng lồ bởi in Phu Quoc.

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The Trắng s& of Bai Sao beach

Coming to the beach, you can wander around the beach on the Trắng smooth sandy shore và look for the crabs, snails & other crustaceans. In the northern and southern tip of the beach, there are some small trails that are created by the local people lớn get into lớn the pristine forests. It is not a bad idea lớn explore the tropical jungle khổng lồ admire the huge trees và listen lớn the songs of many kinds of wild birds. If you want to lớn snorkel or dive, you can go to the sea area near the rocks in the Long Beach resort, it is the best place khổng lồ see the heart of the ocean where the reef is very flourished, và also home page khổng lồ many fish and shellfish. If you are having a day trip lớn Sao beach, you can relax on one of the many beach chairs & high-chất lượng loungers which are available at the Parasivày Restaurant, ordering a cup of soft drink or wine & viewing the seascape is such a fancy moment Sao beach brings to you.

Besides the beach bars made of palm leaves scattered on the beach, you can go for a meal at the open restaurants. The beach restaurants around the beach are quite more expensive than anywhere else because of their prominent location. You can order a lime sodomain authority which is very sweet và cool but the price is only 32,000 VND. You should also try sugarcane juice “ nuoc mia”, it is only 10,000 VND for a glass.


The tasty seafood you must try when visiting Bai Sao Phu Quoc

Hiring a jet ski to lớn ride is a good thing we highly recommkết thúc, its cost is 450,000 VND for 10 minutes. You can ride one of these inflatable bananas that get pulled by a motorboat or try water skiing with the cost of 700,000 VND for 10 minutes. Moreover, near the cape, you can see anchoring fishing boats of the fishermen that combine with the gorgeous view of the sunrise lớn create a picturesque painting seducing your eyes.

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The feelings of tourists about Sao Beach

Bai Sao beach leaves in the heart of tourists a lot of impressions. Stanislava Kunovska, a Russian tourist said that: “Such a nice White sandy beach! Bai Sao beach is sheltered, not many waves, clear water, but it is fairly shallow for quite a way out. Beware they charge for everything here. It was trăng tròn,000 VND for a shower, 30,000 VND for a locker, 80,000 VND for a lounge chair, và the food here is also quite expensive sầu. Bring your own lunch if you can”. It shows a case that the chất lượng of service here is not too good. The garbage is a problem on the beach, because of a large number of tourists rushing onto the beach, they fairly throw out the rubbish on the ground. That causes the pollution & đại bại score in tourist’s mind.


The developed tourism services in Bai Sao​

Thank you for your consideration and patience to follow our post. There are problems on the beach but Bai Sao is one of the most crowded và beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc. If you have any question about this beach or other destinations in Phu Quoc, let’s contact us via Phu Quoc tours. Have sầu a nice day!