1 Days Nha Trang 4 Islands Excursion

This 4 isl& day tour will be the highlight of your trip. Mun Isl& is the location of the first National Marine protected area, in Vietphái nam. Scientist believing there are 2,000 species of coral & marine life on the planet, và Mun is home khổng lồ over 1,500 of them. Wow. Snorkeling in the crystal clear waters, you’ll see so many different vibrant corals và fish.Hop on over to Mot Isl& for a quality experience, we’ll have sầu little flaoting bars, big enough for a only one bartender và cooler. Grab a personal floatation device and gather around the “wet bar” while everyone joins together in the fun, followed by an awesomely fresh seafood lunch.At Tranh con Islvà you can hire out some water sport equipment, or just relax on the boat và the final you’ll over the day at the Tri Nguyen Aquarium before you head baông chồng to lớn the hotel, in case snorkeling wasn’t your thing!


Snorkling, floating bar, beachside lunch, watersports (fees included), aquarium (fee included)Nha Trang city

Boat trip to lớn 4 islands:Mun Isl&, Mot Isl&, Trực rỡ Island, Tri Nguyen Aquarium




08h45: Our tourguide and driver will collect you in Nha Trang city và bring you to lớn Cau Da Pier.

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09h15: We will take a boat trip to lớn 4 islands:

Mun Island:

- Swim and snorkel to lớn behold various kinds of multi – coloured corals và fish, the water is crystle clear and the marine life is vibrant here.

Mot Island:

- Seafood Lunch.

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- Sit on your personal floatation device và have fun paddling up khổng lồ the floating bars where everyone crowds around và joins the fun together, it’s surly an experience you’ve sầu never had before.

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Trạng rỡ Island:

- Water sports enthusiasts will love sầu this spot. Add ons for the brave sầu are Parasailing hire, jetski hire, and tubing behind a tốc độ boat hire, are just a few of the options for this water activity spot. *Please note, the water sports activities at this location are NOT INCLUDED in the tour price and will incur a service fee*

- Enjoy a light fruit snack selection

Tri Nguyen Aquarium:  

See all the amazing seacreatures up-cthua kém & personal at the Tri nguyen Aquarium lớn finish off the day.